Bob's Burgers


Bob's Burgers centers on the Belcher family (consists of Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene and Louise) who own a hamburger restaurant. Bob's burgers are really delicious and appear to be better than his rivals' but when it comes to selling burgers, his kids aren't really helpful, as more customers head over to Jimmy Pesto's restaurant.
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S9E6 -Bobby Driver

Bob agrees to drive professional quilter Edith around town, after sh..

S9E5 - Live and Let Fly

The kids learn the dangers of revenge when their plan to get back at..

S9E4 -Nightmare on Ocean ..

The kids set out for their regular Halloween shenanigans, but when e..

S9E3 -Tweentrepreneurs

Tina, Louise and Gene get a taste of business when they join the sch..

S9E2 -The Taking of Funti..

Desperate for the grand prize dune buggy at their local arcade, Loui..

S9E1 - Just One of the Bo..

Convinced she’s met the love of her life, Tina decides to disguise..

S8E21 - Something OldSome..

Just as Bob wonders if working in the restaurant business is worth i..

S8E20 - Mission Impos-slu..

When Louise's extensive Burobu card collection gets confiscated at s..

S8E19 - Mo Mommy Mo Probl..

The Belchers attend open houses for the free food, per Linda's momni..

S8E18 - As I Walk Through..

When a malicious juice truck owner tries to set up shop in the Belch..

S8E17 - Boywatch

Tina decides to join the Junior Lifeguards, but when she struggles w..

S8E16 - Are You There Bob..

After forgetting Bob's birthday, Linda and the kids attempt to plan ..

S8E15 -Go Tina on the Mou..

The Belcher kids go to Outdoor Education only to have it rain, but T..

S8E14 - The Trouble With ..

Bob and Linda’s double-date plans take a disastrous turn when the ..

S8E13 - Cheer Up Sleepy G..

Gene gets invited to his first sleepover and is nervous about it, an..

S8E12 -The Hurt Soccer

After forgetting that they signed up Louise for a soccer league, the..

S8E10 -The Secret Ceramic..

When the kids are given the task of making homemade gifts for their ..

S8E9 -Y Tu Ga-Ga Tambien

When a new playground game is introduced, the school's social hierar..

S8E8 - V for Valentine-de..

After a rough break up on Valentine's Day, the Belcher women have a ..

S8E6 & 7 - Bleakening Par..

Linda is determined to host a party at the restaurant, in an effort ..

S8E5 - Thanks-hoarding

When Teddy’s family unexpectedly announces that they’re coming f..

S8E4 - Sit Me Baby One Mo..

When Tina launches a babysitting enterprise, it is quickly derailed ..

S8E3 - The Wolf of Wharf ..

On Halloween night, Linda tries to impress the kids by taking them t..

S8E2 - The Silence of the..

When Mr. Frond's therapy dolls are mysteriously attacked, Louise tea..

S8E1 - Brunchsquatch

To compete with Jimmy Pesto, Bob's Burgers begins serving brunch, bu..

S7E22 - Into the Mild

When Bob finds out that the nearby wildness equipment store is havin..

S7E21 - Paraders of the L..

When the forecast calls for rain on the day of the Bog to Beach para..

S7E20 - MomLies and Video..

Linda comes down with a nasty cold just in time for the Mother’s D..

S7E19 - Thelma & Louise E..

After Louise gets in trouble at school, Linda is forced to meet with..

S7E18 - The Laser-inth

Gene accompanies Bob on the last-ever rock-and-roll laser show at th..

S7E17 - Zero Larp Thirty

When Linda wins a contest to spend a dream weekend at the home where..

S7E16 - Eggs for Days

The annual Easter egg hunt always brings out the competitive sides o..

S7E15 - Ain't Miss Debatin

When Tina is recruited by the debate team, she finds unexpected succ..

S7E14 - Aquaticism

When Tina learns that the aquarium is in danger of closing, the Belc..

S7E13 - The Grand Mama-Pe..

Linda jumps at the chance to chaperone Tina’s weekend away at a he..

S7E12 - Like Gene for Cho..

When Gene learns that the formula for his favorite chocolate has cha..

S7E11 - A Few 'Gurt Men

Louise is put in a sticky situation when she must defend one of her ..

S7E10 - There's No Busine..

When Gayle's cat, Mr. Business, secures pet agent Ian Amberson, Bob ..

S7E9 - Bob Actually

With Valentine’s Day approaching, Tina, Gene and Louise each find ..

S7E7 - The Last Gingerbre..

As the Belchers prepare for Christmas, Bob gets an unexpected call f..

S7E6 - The Quirk-ducers

When Mr. Frond’s annual play threatens to ruin the half day before..

S7E5 - Large BrotherWhere..

When Tina has a mishap that lands her in detention, Bob and Linda do..

S7E4 - They Serve HorsesD..

After a tip from Jimmy Pesto, Bob secures a new meat provider who cl..

S7E3 - Teen-A-Witch

With Halloween quickly approaching, Tina reveals her brilliant idea ..

S7E2 - Sea Me Now

Teddy organizes a day trip on his newly refurbished boat in an effor..

S7E1 - Flu-ouise

When the youngest Belcher comes down with an epic case of the flu, L..

S6E19 - GluedWhere’s My..

The kids’ goop war lands Bob in a sticky situation. The prank happ..

S6E18 - Secret Admiral-irer

Tina’s ideas of love and romance are tested when she volunteers at..

S6E17 - The Horse Rider-er

After finally convincing Bob and Linda to send her to horse camp, Ti..

S6E16 - Bye Bye Boo Boo

When Louise hears that Boo Boo is leaving Boyz 4 Now, she enters a c..

S6E15 - Pro Tiki/Con Tiki

When Bob’s friend, Warren, comes to town, he makes an offer to inv..

S6E14 - The Hormone-iums

When Dottie Minerva comes down with a bad case of mono, Tina gets he..

S6E13 - Wag the Hog

When Bob’s longtime friend, Critter, finds himself in jail for unp..

S6E12 - Stand By Gene

When Gene overhears talk about a mystical creature that lives nearby..

S6E11 - House of 1000 Bou..

When there is a bounce house crisis at Regular Sized Rudy’s birthd..

S6E10 - Lice Things Are L..

A lice infestation breaks out in Wagstaff; Bob tries to make improve..

S6E9 - Sacred Couch

Louise decides to take matters into her own hands after a family vot..

S6E8 - Sexy Dance Healing

Bob must take legal action after he slips on the sidewalk and needs ..

S6E7 - The Gene and Court..

Gene and Courtney are asked be the new hosts of the morning announce..

S6E6 - The Cookthe Stevet..

When Bob throws a dinner party, Gayle takes advantage of the opportu..

S6E5 - Nice-Capades

A grumpy mall Santa (Henry Winkler) threatens to put Gene, Tina and ..

S6E4 - Bob Sled

Thanksgiving festivities are put in jeopardy when a snowstorm derail..

S6E3 - Hauntening

When Louise reveals that she hasn't been scared before, the Belchers..

S6E2 - The Land Ship

Bob has big dollars signs in his eyes when he learns the upcoming La..

S6E1 - Sliding Bobs

In the Season 6 premiere, Bob laments his receding hairline, so a no..

S5E21 - The Oeder Games

Faced with a rent increase, Bob and the other tenants on Ocean Avenu..

S5E20 - Hawk & Chick

Bob and Louise meet Hawk, the star of their favorite monster series.

S5E19 - Housetrap

When a storm interrupts the Belcher's vacation, they take shelter wi..

S5E18 - EatSprayLinda

Linda goes missing when Bob sends her out to give him time to work o..

S5E17 - The Itty Bitty Di..

Gene starts a band with Tina, Louise, Regular Sized Rudy, Peter Pesc..

S5E16 - The Runaway Club

The kids try to escape Saturday detention so they can attend the Cot..

S5E15 - Adventures in Chi..

When the school's chinchilla, which Linda was supposed to be watchin..

S5E14 - L'il Hard Dad

When Bob's automatic helicopter falls apart, he battles the manufact..

S5E13 - The Gayle Tales

The kids compete to be their Aunt Gayle's companion for the evening...

S5E12 - The Millie-churia..

Tina and Louise volunteer to run Jimmy Junior's campaign in order to..

S5E11 - Can't Buy Me Math

Tina and Darryl team up to win the Cupid's Couple contest; Linda pla..

S5E10 - Late Afternoon in..

Bob tries to negotiate with Cynthia to get a plot in the local commu..

S5E9 - Speakeasy Rider

Tina, Gene and Louise are ready to put the pedal to the metal when t..

S5E8 - Midday Run

When Tina is up for a big hall monitor promotion, she is determined ..

S5E7 - Tina Tailor Soldie..

Tina goes undercover with the Thundergirls, hoping to find out who t..

S5E6 - Father of the Bob

Bob's Dad invites the family to his Christmas party, meaning Bob has..

S5E5 - Best Burger

Bob enters a content for the best burger, but forgets his most impor..

S5E4 - Dawn of the Peck

Bob boycotts Thanksgiving, but the rest of the family enjoy the day ..

S5E3 - Friends With Burge..

Linda and the kids spend the day at the First Annual Fischoeder Turk..

S5E2 - Tina and the Real ..

Tina starts a romance with a spirit thought to be living in the Belc..

S5E1 - Work Hard or Die T..

When Gene's "Die Hard"-inspired musical doesn't get picked for the s..

S4E22 - World Wharf II: T..

In the Season 4 finale, Felix puts Bob and Mr. Fischoeder in danger,..

S4E21 - Wharf Horse (or H..

When news of a new seaside burger joint leaks, Bob teams with Felix ..

S4E20 - Gene It On

Tina decides to try out for the cheerleading squad, but it’s actua..

S4E19 - The Kids Run Away

Upon learning that she has a cavity and needs a filling, Louise runs..

S4E18 - Ambergris

At the beach, the Belcher kids make a whale of a discovery: a valuab..

S4E17 - The Equestranauts

Tina attends a convention celebrating a TV show about an animated po..

S4E16 - I Get Psychic Out..

After predicting a telemarketer's call at the restaurant, Linda and ..

S4E15 - The Kids Rob a Tr..

When the Belchers go on a train trip, Gene, Louise and Tina are seat..

S4E14 - Uncle Teddy

When Bob and Linda plan a romantic getaway at a burger convention, t..

S4E13 - Mazel Tina

Tina doesn't make the cut on the guest list for a classmate's Bat Mi..

S4E12 - The Frond Files

Bob and Linda learn that their kids' essays about their fantasy vers..

S4E11 - Easy CommercialEa..

The Belchers hire a documentary filmmaker and a former football star..

S4E10 - Presto-Tina-O

In order to get closer to Jimmy Jr., Tina becomes a magician's assis..

S4E9 - Slumber Party

Bob's friend Teddy babysits for the kids when Bob and Linda attend a..

S4E8 - Christmas in the Car

An accident sends the Belchers shopping for a holiday tree on Christ..

S4E7 - Bob & Deliver

Tina is delighted when Bob fills in as substitute home-economics tea..

S4E6 - Purple Rain-Union

Haunted by a poor talent-show performance from her high-school days,..

S4E5 - Turkey in a Can

Bob discovers his carefully prepared turkey was put in the toilet in..

S4E4 - My Big Fat Greek Bob

After he takes a part-time job as cook at a second-rate frat house, ..

S4E3 - Seaplane!

Linda's attempt to spice up date night by signing up for flying less..

S4E2 - Fort Night

The kids' Halloween adventure goes awry when Louise's friend Millie ..

S4E1 - A River Runs Throu..

In the Season 4 premiere, the Belchers hit the road for a camping tr..

S3E23 - The Unnatural

Gene joins the baseball team; Tina gets hooked on espresso.

S3E22 - Carpe Museum

Bob chaperones the kids' field trip; Louise gets lost in a closed ra..

S3E21 - Boyz 4 Now

When Louise and Tina go to a concert, Louise develops a crush on on..

S3E20 - The Kids Run the ..

When Bob cuts his finger and Linda has to take him to the hospital, ..

S3E19 - Family Fracas

Car trouble causes the Belchers to cancel their night out; the famil..

S3E18 - It Snakes a Village

When the Belchers visit Linda's parents in Florida, they find the se..

S3E17 - Two for Tina

When Tina starts dating Josh, a ballet dancer, Jimmy Jr. becomes jea..

S3E16 - Topsy

Louise expects to get a charge out of taking down her Thomas Edison-..

S3E15 - O.T. the Outside ..

Gene is flush with excitement when he discovers and befriends an exp..

S3E14 - Lindapendant Woman

Feeling unappreciated, Linda quits and takes a job at a grocery stor..

S3E13 - My Fuzzy Valentine

Bob tries to sweeten Linda's Valentine's Day with a heart-shaped pan..

S3E12 - Broadcast Wagstaf..

Tina tracks the ``Mad Pooper'' running wild at the middle school.

S3E11 - Nude Beach

Bob must do the unthinkable and compete against Hugo

S3E10 - Mother Daughter L..

Linda forces Louise to attend a mother-daughter seminar in hope of i..

S3E9 - God Rest Ye Merry ..

When Bob inherits a storage unit around Christmas, visions of riches..

S3E8 - The Unbearable Lik..

Gene gets his first girlfriend, but it doesn't take long for the fam..

S3E7 - Tina-rannosaurus W..

Tina believes she's jinxed after accidentally totaling the car and g..

S3E6 - The Deepening

Mr. Fischoeder's new pier attraction, a mechanical shark, goes haywi..

S3E5 - An Indecent Thanks..

Bob's plans for his favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, change when Mr. ..

S3E4 - Mutiny on the Wind..

Bob does a tour of duty as a private chef on a docked cruise ship an..

S3E3 - Bob Fires the Kids

Worried that his kids are not enjoying summer vacation because he's ..

S3E2 - Full Bars

The Belcher kids break with a long-standing Halloween tradition, vee..

S3E1 - Ear-sy Rider

In the Season 3 premiere, a biker gang sets up shop in the restauran..

S2E9 - Beefsquatch

Gene upstages Bob during a cooking segment on the morning news in th..

S2E8 - Bad Tina

Tina befriends a bad girl in a bid to get closer to Jimmy Junior.

S2E7 - Moody Foodie

The restaurant receives a bad review from a food critic, which promp..

S2E6 - Dr. Yap

Bob mistakenly kisses Linda's sister Gayle while under the influence..

S2E5 - Food Truckin'

Bob buys a food truck to compete with vendors who have set up shop o..

S2E4 - Burgerboss

Bob becomes obsessed with a burger-flipping video game after Jimmy P..

S2E3 - Synchronized Swimm..

The kids dodge gym class with a bogus independent study; Bob adds a ..

S2E2 - Bob Day Afternoon

A robbery at the bank across the street from Bob's Burgers goes awry..

S2E1 - The Belchies

The kids enter an abandoned taffy factory to search for treasure, an..

S1E13 - Torpedo

Bob's hero, washed-up baseball player Jones (Robert Ben Garant), jo..

S1E12 - Lobsterfest

A storm prompts the cancellation of the town's annual , but Bob insi..

S1E11 - Weekend at Mort's

While the restaurant is being cleared of Mold, the family moves into..

S1E10 - Burger Wars

Bob's landlord tells him Jimmy Pesto wants to take over his lease to..

S1E9 - Spaghetti Western ..

Louise feels alienated when Bob and Gene start watching spaghetti we..

S1E8 - Art Crawl

Bob is forced to contend with the city's art council after he lets L..

S1E7 - Bed & Breakfast

Linda tries to take advantage of tourist traffic by opening a bed an..

S1E6 - Sheesh! Cab Bob

Tina desperately wants to get her first kiss at her 13th birthday pa..

S1E5 - Hamburger Dinner T..

Linda embraces her love of dinner theater by staging a murder myster..

S1E4 - Sexy Dance Fighting

Tina joins a martial arts class after developing a crush on the inst..

S1E3 - Sacred Cow

Bob is furious when a documentary filmmaker tries to makes a stateme..

S1E2 - Crawl Space

Linda's mother visits; Bob gets stuck in a wall while trying to repa..

S1E1 - Human Flesh

Bob tries to drum up some business; Louise starts a rumor that resul..