Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey & Louie find themselves in all sorts of adventures on this animated cartoon series from Walt Disney.
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S2E10 - Super Ducktales (..

Alien robots invade and steal Scrooge's Money Bin so that it can be ..

S2E9 - Super Ducktales (4..

After the Beagles get GizmoDuck to steal Scrooge's fortune for them ..

S2E8 - Super Ducktales (3..

GizmoDuck becomes a sensation with the people of Duckburg - that is,..

S2E7 - Super Ducktales (2..

After accidentally losing the Number One Dime to the Beagle Boys, Fe..

S2E6 - Super Ducktales (1..

In order to move his Money Bin after the Beagle Boys change the new ..

S2E5 - Time is Money (5) ..

As Scrooge, the nephews, and Launchpad try to find a way to pay Glom..

S2E4 - Time is Money (4) ..

After the Beagle Boys kick them out of the Money Bin, Scrooge and Bu..

S2E3 - Time is Money (3) ..

Upon their return to the present, Scrooge blames all his financial t..

S2E2 - Time is Money (2) ..

In their attempt to go back to the present, Scrooge, Launchpad, the ..

S2E1 - Time is Money (1) ..

Scrooge buys one of Glomgold's islands, wherein houses a diamond min..

S1E65 - Till Nephews Do U..

Scrooge is romanced by a billionairess named Millionara Vanderbucks,..

S1E64 - Ducky Horror Pict..

Scrooge finances a meeting house, which is then used by a group of h..

S1E63 - All Ducks on Deck

Donald makes up a story about being a hero to the nephews. They stow..

S1E62 - Spies in Their Eyes

A hypnotist brainwashes Donald into giving her a remote control devi..

S1E61 - Once Upon a Dime

Scrooge tells the story of how his Number One Dime got his fortune s..

S1E60 - Dr. Jekyll & Mr. ..

Scrooge becomes a victim of a potion that causes him to be obsessive..

S1E59 - Nothing to Fear

Scrooge, the nephews, Doofus, and Duckworth are intimidated by a clo..

S1E58 - The Status Seekers

Seeking respect from other members of Duckburg's elite, Scrooge hunt..

S1E57 - The Uncrashable H..

Scrooge makes a bet with Glomgold that he can make money off a blimp..

S1E56 - Duck in the Iron ..

Scrooge and the boys take a trip to visit an old friend of his, Coun..

S1E55 - Dime Enough for L..

Magica tricks Gladstone Gander into stealing the Number One Dime for..

S1E54 - Launchpad's First..

Scrooge and Launchpad reminisce on how they first met.

S1E53 - Jungle Duck

While accompanying Scrooge in his search for silver, Mrs. Beakley en..

S1E52 - Duck to the Future

Magica sends Scrooge into the future, where she has stolen his Numbe..

S1E51 - Magica's Magic Mi..

Magica uses a pair of magic mirrors to try to get Scrooge's Number O..

S1E50 - Duckworth's Revolt

After being fired by Scrooge, Duckworth and the boys are abducted by..

S1E49 - Luck o' the Ducks

After finding a leprechaun, Scrooge is led to Ireland, where he beli..

S1E48 - Double-O-Duck

Launchpad finds himself masquerading as Bruno Von Beak, an agent for..

S1E47 - Scroogerello

While experiencing a fever, Scrooge has an extended dream sequence p..

S1E46 - The Right Duck

After being fired by Scrooge, Launchpad enters the space program, an..

S1E45 - Raiders of the Lo..

Scrooge acquires a magical harp that can determine if someone was ly..

S1E44 - Back Out in the O..

Something's attacking Scrooge's sheep and shearing off their wool, s..

S1E43 - Time Teasers

Gyro invents a watch that allows anyone to move super fast. But the ..

S1E42 - Ducks of the West

Scrooge and the boys go to Scrooge's oil wells to find out why they ..

S1E41 - The Golden Fleecing

After hearing about Launchpad's encounter with several Harpies, Scro..

S1E40 - Merit-Time Advent..

The Nephews, Webby, and Doofus attempt to earn a Junior Woodchuck ba..

S1E39 - Catch as Cash Can..

Glomgold and the Beagle Boys attempt to make sure Scrooge doesn't wi..

S1E38 - Catch as Cash Can..

After dumping his fortune under the sea, Scrooge, along with Launchp..

S1E37 - Catch as Cash Can..

As Scrooge tries to deliver his fortune to Macaroon, he experiences ..

S1E36 - Catch as Cash Can..

Scrooge and Glomgold compete in a contest where the winner, being th..

S1E35 - Scrooge's Pet

Scrooge loses the new combination for his vault to a lemming.

S1E34 - Horse Scents

Webby helps trains a horse for the Kenducky Derby so the owner will ..

S1E33 - Back to the Klond..

Scrooge takes the kids to the Klondike, where he met an old flame, G..

S1E32 - Micro Ducks from ..

Scrooge misuses an alien size-shifting device, and accidentally ends..

S1E31 - Bermuda Triangle ..

Scrooge seeks to find out why his ships are disappearing in the Berm..

S1E30 - Home Sweet Homer

Circe, a sorceress from the past transports Scrooge and the boys bac..

S1E29 - Earth Quack

Scrooge and the boys discover that the games of an underground civil..

S1E28 - Sweet Duck of Youth

Scrooge and the boys head for Florida in search of the fabled Founta..

S1E27 - Launchpad's Civil..

When going to Virginia for a Civil War reenactment, Launchpad encoun..

S1E26 - The Curse of Cast..

Scrooge, the nephews, and Webby visit Scrooge's ancestral home in Sc..

S1E25 - Pearl of Wisdom

Scrooge learns that a pearl he bought will grant him infinite wisdom..

S1E24 - Top Duck

Launchpad's family comes to visit while the Beagle Boys eye Scrooge'..

S1E23 - Much Ado About Sc..

Scrooge and the boys track down a lost play by a famed playwright.

S1E22 - Down & Out in Duc..

A family debt causes Scrooge to lose his entire fortune, sending his..

S1E21 - Maid of the Myth

Mrs. Beakley is abducted by Vikings and it is up to Scrooge and the ..

S1E20 - Superdoo!

Having a hard time at camp, Doofus accidentally finds a stolen alien..

S1E19 - Hero for Hire

After being fired by Scrooge, Launchpad is tricked by the Beagle Boy..

S1E18 - Dinosaur Ducks

Scrooge and Launchpad explore a land where dinosaurs still live, but..

S1E17 - Sir Gyro de Gearl..

Gyro, tired of being looked upon as a gadget man, invents a time mac..

S1E16 - The Money Vanishes

The Beagle Boys steal Gyro's handheld teleporter and use it to steal..

S1E15 - Duckman of Aquatraz

Scrooge is framed for stealing a painting from Glomgold's art galler..

S1E14 - Lost Crown of Gen..

Scrooge goes searching for a crown in the Himalayas, which is guarde..

S1E13 - Hotel Strangeduck

Scrooge turns a castle once owned by mad scientist into a hotel, but..

S1E12 - Master of the Dji..

Scrooge and Glomgold race for mastership of Aladdin's genie.

S1E11 - Magica's Shadow War

Magica's plot to steal the Number One Dime using her own shadow goes..

S1E10 - Duck in the Iron ..

Dewey suffers an identity crisis. He's tired of being mistaken for h..

S1E9 - Nothing to Fear

Magica brings everyone's worst fears to life, and the heroes must le..

S1E8 - 'Till Nephews Do U..

Uncle Scrooge almost marries a gold digger, but the boys and Glitter..

S1E7 - Luck o' the Ducks

Scrooge McDuck's new money making scheme turns out to be a leprechau..

S1E6 - Armstrong

Gyro's invention of "," a robot that he built to protect Scrooge's m..

S1E5 - Treasure of the Go..

Scrooge develops gold fever as he and the gang make their way to the..

S1E4 - Treasure of the Go..

The nephews, Webby, and Mrs. Beakley find themselves joining Scrooge..

S1E3 - Treasure of the Go..

Upon finding out of the Valley of the Golden Suns, Scrooge begins an..

S1E2 - Treasure of the Go..

After foiling the Beagle Boys, Scrooge and his nephews decipher the ..

S1E1 - Don't Give Up the ..

The Treasure of the Golden Suns (1)

Originally aired as "The Treasure of the Golden Suns", a two-hour TV movie. The introduction of the series, as Donald Duck joins the Navy and sends Huey, Dewey, and Louie off to live with their u">Don't Give Up the
The Treasure of the Golden Suns (1)