The saga of a wealthy Denver family in the oil business: Blake Carrington, the patriarch; Krystle, his former secretary and wife; his children: Adam...
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S9E22 - Catch 22

Blake tells Alexis that Charles Matthews knew about Fallon's childho..

S9E21 - Blasts From the P..

Convinced that someone is trying to frame him for Chisolm's murder, ..

S9E20 - Here Comes the Son

Another skeleton is discovered buried in the tunnel beneath the mans..

S9E19 - No Bones About It

Captain Handler, suspecting Blake may have killed Chisolm, puts Zore..

S9E18 - Tale of the Tape

Blake and Jeff are stunned when Dex finds the hidden vault beneath t..

S9E17 - Sins of the Father

Alexis is emotionally crushed by Dex's affair with Sable. She sends ..

S9E16 - Grimes and Punish..

Joanna agrees to tell Adam everything she knows about Sable, in exch..

S9E15 - The Son Also Rises

Seeing the disarray of Denver-Carrington, Blake resumes control of t..

S9E14 - House of the Fall..

Sable is able to maintain a calm facade and convince Heath to put th..

S9E12 - All Hands on Dex

Irate after Sable gains control of her ships, Alexis hires one of Ad..

S9E11 - TankersCadavers t..

Jeff pulls Sammy Jo from the burning barn, and Gibson is taken into ..

S9E10 - Delta Woe

Following their passionate love making, Zorelli suspects Fallon is m..

S9E9 - Ginger Snaps

Blake returns from Switzerland with news about Kryslte. Fallon and Z..

S9E8 - The Wedding

Krystle agrees to the operation only after Blake reluctantly signs h..

S9E5 - Alexis in Blunderl..

Returning from her trip to Natumbe, Alexis is greeted by Dex and his..

S9E4 - Body Trouble

Blake entrusts Jeff with Steven's share of leadership in Denver-Carr..

S9E2 - A Touch of Sable

Sammy Jo and Jeff are relieved to discover the body they found in th..

S9E1 - Broken Krystle

Recovering from Sean's attempted murder on her life and his subseque..

S8E22 - Colorado Roulette

Adam is absolved of suspicion in the kidnapping of his son when Lesl..

S8E20 - The Trial

Following his near fatal brush with death in Natumbe, Blake returns ..

S8E19 - The Scandal

Certain Sean is intent on exacting revenge for his father's death, A..

S8E18 - Adam's Son

After walking in on Adam and Jesse locked in a bitter fight, Karen f..

S8E17 - The Warning

Alexis waits for the right moment to crush Sean and Leslie's intimac..

S8E16 - The Bracelet

As Blake rushes to Alexis' side, it is revealed Sean is the gunman w..

S8E14 - Images

Ignoring Blake's objections, Krystle continues her investigation int..

S8E13 - The Interview

Following a night of lovemaking with Leslie, Sean hears a news repor..

S8E12 - The Spoiler

Following Josh Harris' drug overdose death, Sammy Jo carries a burde..

S8E11 - The New Moguls

Krystle asks Cora Van Husen to relinquish information on the scandal..

S8E10 - The Fair

As Alexis' grand fair draws near, Sean assures her that all is going..

S8E9 - The Setup

Prodded on by Alexis' incessant questioning, Dana reluctantly explai..

S8E8 - The Testing

Forced to divest interests in Denver-Carrington to avoid conflict wi..

S8E7 - The Primary

Distraught over Blake's meteoric rise in pre-election popularity, Al..

S8E6 - The Surrogate (2)

Stunned by the morning paper's praise for Blake's stand on conservat..

S8E4 - The Announcement

Blake asks Steven to be his campaign manager. He is deeply disappoin..

S8E3 - The Aftermath

The incident in the bunkhouse leaves Steven emotionally scarred. The..

S8E2 - The Siege (2)

Dex is rushed to the hospital while a search party scrambles to loca..

S8E1 - The Siege (1)

Still held captive by the deranged Matthew Blaisdel, Blake and his f..

S7E27 - The Affair

Blake is stunned by Buck Fallmont's claim that Clay may be Ben's son..

S7E24 - Valez

Steven questions his love for Sammy Jo and his homosexuality. Alexis..

S7E21 - The Garage

The Carrington family gathers to offer Krystina a joyous welcoming o..

S7E12 - Fear

Alexis signs a legal document relinquishing all control of Denver-Ca..

S7E9 - The Secret

Caress continues her relentless extortion of Emily Fallmont, who tur..

S7E8 - The Choice

Caress vows to avenge her years of imprisonment by threatening to re..

S7E7 - The Mission

Blake and Dex go over plans to break Caress out of prison and return..

S7E6 - Romance

Blake and Krystle fly to Caracas in an attempt to free Caress. Their..

S7E3 - Focus

Krystle lays unconscious in her hospital room, a victim of Phil Thor..

S7E2 - Sideswiped

An incensed Blake discovers the morning headlines, which accuse him ..

S7E1 - The Victory

Moments from death under Blake's powerful grip, Alexis' life is spar..

S6E30 - The Triple-Cross

Secure that his South China Sea leases will cover him, Blake purchas..

S6E29 - The Rescue

Feeling guilty over her cold treatment toward Amanda, Alexis rushes ..

S6E28 - The Cry

With his reputation destroyed after the court battle with Ben, Jim E..

S6E27 - The Warning

Determined to find the identity of the mystery woman Ben was in bed ..

S6E26 - The Vote

Blake is forced to relinquish one-fourth of the Carrington estate wh..

S6E25 - The Trial (2)

Blake's hopes are renewed when a key witness, Franklin, admits that ..

S6E24 - The Trial (1)

After purchasing the company contracted to publish Caress' book, ""S..

S6E23 - The Subpoenas

Alexis' surprise unveiling of Ben stuns Blake, but she has little ti..

S6E22 - Masquerade

Speaking at her own prearranged press conference, Alexis brashly ann..

S6E21 - Ben

See S06E19 for a working link.

A crisis in Hong Kong ..

S6E20 - The Dismissal

Blake becomes obsessed with apprehending Joel and Rita. A remorseful..

S6E19 - The Divorce

Gorillavid (19, 20, & 21)

Afraid that something may ..

S6E18 - Souvenirs

At Alexis' command, a reporter disguised as a nanny, sneaks onto the..

S6E17 - The Accident

When Joel intercepts Krystle and Sammy Jo at Delta Rho, Krystle pret..

S6E16 - The Vigil

After falling down the stairs, Blake is rushed to the hospital. Adam..

S6E15 - The Alarm

Galen plots to regain his throne while Elena, learning the counter-r..

S6E14 - Suspicions

Blake suffers dizzy spells as Rita's slow poisoning takes effect. An..

S6E13 - The Solution

In order to appease Blake, Rita, posing as Krystle, agrees to see a ..

S6E12 - The Roadhouse

As Blake becomes increasingly disturbed by Krystle's sexual resistan..

S6E11 - The Quarrels

Rita panics when Blake tells her that he's made an appointment for h..

S6E10 - The Close Call

When Blake decides to buy Krystle a horse as a surprise gift, Sammy ..

S6E9 - The Proposal

Alexis, Dex, and Galen land in Denver amid a swarm of press. His leg..

S6E8 - The Decision

Searching his memory for details of the moment he spotted Fallon, Je..

S6E7 - The Titans (2)

Krystle regains consciousness and finds herself locked in the attic ..

S6E6 - The Titans (1)

Krystle regains consciousness and finds herself locked in the attic ..

S6E5 - The Gown

Alexis learns that Galen is alive and can be rescued if $10 million ..

S6E4 - The Man

Jason imposes a one-week deadline for Blake to decide on the pipelin..

S6E3 - The Californians

After a twenty-year absence, Blake receives a visit from Jason Colby..

S6E2 - The Homecoming

Blake pays $5 million for the release of Krystle and Alexis, and the..

S6E1 - The Aftermath

Those surviving the carnage of the bloody wedding massacre are separ..

S5E29 - Royal Wedding

Elena confesses to Amanda that nothing happened in the bedroom with ..

S5E28 - The Heiress

Dex tells a devastated Krystle that Daniel Reece is dead. Steven is ..

S5E27 - Kidnap

As Alexis and Amanda emerge from an exclusive bridal salon, a car su..

S5E26 - Sammy Jo

Krystle accompanies Daniel to New York for his reunion with Sammy Jo..

S5E25 - Reconciliation

Blake and Daniel survive the plane crash. Jeff charters a helicopter..

S5E24 - The Crash

Claudia flies to Mexico to divorce Steven. Unexpectedly, Adam appear..

S5E23 - Photo Finish

Alexis is relieved and Blake is concerned when Amanda suddenly chang..

S5E22 - Parental Consent

Alexis attempts to persuade King Galen to allow a marriage between A..

S5E21 - Life and Death

Dominique remains in critical condition after collapsing. Luke pays ..

S5E20 - The Collapse

Tensions between Krystle and Blake mount as their suspicions of one ..

S5E19 - Circumstantial Ev..

Amanda spends the night with Prince Michael and then is heartsick to..

S5E18 - The Ball

Alexis attempts to persuade the head of the Chinese delegation to hi..

S5E17 - Triangles

Blake returns triumphant from his negotiations with the Chinese. Ale..

S5E16 - Foreign Relations

Krystle launches her new business with the purchase of an Arabian ho..

S5E15 - The Treasure

Krystle begins working with Daniel. Blake is adamantly opposed and e..

S5E14 - The Will

Claudia rebuffs Steven's conciliatory attempts. Tension between Dex ..

S5E13 - The Avenger

Krystle reconciles with Daniel, who reveals that his break-up with h..

S5E12 - That Holiday Spirit

Blake buys back his racehorse Allegre from owner Daniel Reece, who s..

S5E11 - Swept Away

Upon learning that he may be Amanda's father, Blake resolves to ask ..

S5E10 - Krystina

Krystle goes into premature labor and delivers a baby girl, who suff..

S5E9 - Domestic Intrigue

Amanda insists Alexis acknowledge their relationship and begs her to..

S5E8 - The Secret

Amanda insists Alexis acknowledge their relationship and begs her to..

S5E7 - Amanda

Adam and Dex vow to prove Alexis' innocence and begin a determined c..

S5E6 - The Verdict

On the witness stand Steven testifies he saw Alexis push Mark to his..

S5E5 - The Trial

Blake visits Dominique at La Mirage to discuss her recent revelation..

S5E4 - The Rescue

In Seattle, Jeff and Blake learn the woman who died in the plane cra..

S5E3 - Fallon

To secure financing for his bankrupt company, Blake arranges to see ..

S5E2 - The Mortgage

Steven accuses Adam of conspiring with Sammy Jo to kidnap Danny. Bla..

S5E1 - Disappearance

Following a serious traffic accident, Fallon mysteriously vanishes. ..

S4E27 - The Nightmare

Alexis suffers recurring nightmares about Mark's death. Kirby again ..

S4E26 - New Lady in Town

To raise the needed money, Blake sells his assets and mortgages the ..

S4E25 - The Engagement

Blake's fortune now rests on the decision of a group of bankers, who..

S4E24 - The Check

As Blake confronts Alexis with his knowledge of her plot with Rashid..

S4E23 - Birthday

Tracy and Krystle exchange angry words. As Alexis monitors all of th..

S4E22 - The Voice (3)

Dex follows Alexis to Hong Kong and is enraged to find her with Rash..

S4E21 - The Voice (2)

Blake and Ahmed close their international China Seas oil deal. Alexi..

S4E20 - The Voice (1)

When Krystle's doctor reveals she is pregnant, both she and Blake ar..

S4E19 - Steps

Fallon's doctors believe her paralysis to be psychosomatic. To preve..

S4E18 - The Vigil

With the family at the hospital waiting for Fallon to regain conscio..

S4E17 - The Accident

As Fallon plans to wed Peter, Claudia advises her of his womanizing...

S4E16 - A Little Girl

Peter has made arrangements for the ransom to be delivered to Allegr..

S4E15 - Seizure

Blake receives a note requesting $2 million in diamonds for the retu..

S4E14 - Lancelot

Kirby is diagnosed as suffering from hypertension. Adam is startled ..

S4E13 - The Ring

While Mrs. Gordon is walking Danny in the park, a strange man greets..

S4E11 - Carousel

Kirby proposes that she and Jeff divorce. Adam tells her he wants to..

S4E10 - The Proposal

At Alexis' office, Dex discovers a confidential file marked ""Tar Sa..

S4E8 - Dex

Jeff storms into Alexis' office and accuses her of attempting to poi..

S4E7 - Tracy

At the store where he bought the poisonous mercuric oxide, Adam dist..

S4E6 - Tender Commrades

Following through on the plan to retain custody of Danny, Steven and..

S4E5 - The Hearing (2)

Alexis arrives home from the trial to find her apartment ransacked. ..

S4E4 - The Hearing (1)

Kirby angrily demands that Alexis divulge the real motive behind her..

S4E3 - The Note

Alexis receives a note written by the late Joseph, stating that he i..

S4E2 - The Bungalow

Mark is charged with attempted murder and arson; Alexis tells Blake ..

S4E1 - The Arrest

Krystle and Alexis, trapped in a burning cabin far off in the woods,..

S3E24 - The Cabin

When Blake learns Steven's attorney Chris has moved in with his son,..

S3E23 - The Threat

A scandalous newspaper headline implicates Congressman McVane with a..

S3E22 - The Dinner

Blake confronts Alexis with evidence of fraudulent figures involved ..

S3E21 - The Vote

As the Board of Directors gathers to vote on the Denver-Carrington/C..

S3E20 - Downstairs Bride

Upon hearing that Kirby has married Jeff, Joseph tells his daughter ..

S3E19 - Fathers and Sons

Excitement brews in the Carrington household as-preparations are mad..

S3E18 - Reunions in Singa..

As Blake is departing for Singapore to identify his son, Alexis inte..

S3E17 - Battle Lines

Krystle suspects Alexis knows the reason for Jeff's illness and tell..

S3E16 - The Mirror

Alexis, concerned the doctors will learn the truth behind Jeff's ill..

S3E15 - Two Flights to Ha..

Although Blake begs her to postpone taking action until Jeff's viole..

S3E14 - Madness

Jeff's temper continues to grow more volatile. Adam attempts to impl..

S3E13 - Danny

An obviously ill Jeff continues to function in a confused state. Sam..

S3E12 - Samantha

Back in Denver, Blake continues his frantic search for Steven with t..

S3E11 - The Search

Alexis and Blake continues the search for Steven together with Dan C..

S3E10 - The Locket

Everybody hears about the explosion and it looks like Steven is dead..

S3E9 - Acapulco

Jeff starts being dizzy and affected by the painting in his office. ..

S3E8 - La Mirage

Fallon gets a letter from Steven and it turns out he's on an oil rig..

S3E7 - Kirby

Kirby comes to stay with the Carringtons after breaking up with her ..

S3E6 - Mark

Blake tries to be friends with Adam, but Adam is rejecting. Alexis t..

S3E5 - The Siblings

Alexis and Adam get good along in their mother-son relationship, and..

S3E4 - The Will

Cecil leaves his estate and ColbyCo to Jeff and Alexis. He also reve..

S3E3 - The Wedding

The baby is recovered from the real kidnapper, Alfred Grimes, and it..

S3E2 - The Roof

Michael goes to Denver to find out who he is. Alexis and Cecil plan ..

S3E1 - The Plea

Krystle finds Blake in the mountains and gets him to the hospital. N..

S2E22 - The Cliff

Alexis prepares to have the wedding reception in Blake's garden. Ras..

S2E21 - The Cliff

Fallon and Jeff's baby, Little-Blake Colby, is brought home. A nurse..

S2E20 - Two Princes

Claudia keeps accusing Krystle about her relationship with Matthew d..

S2E19 - The Shakedown

Claudia is badly hurt after the shooting and has an operation at the..

S2E18 - The Fragment

Blake gets a meeting with Logan Rhinewood set up. Steven goes to Hol..

S2E17 - The Gun

Fallon and Jeff's baby has a surgery and things are looking better. ..

S2E16 - The Party

Fallon is brought to the hospital and gives birth to a boy. The baby..

S2E15 - Mother and Son

Blake announces that his sight is back. Alexis sleeps with Cecil. Fa..

S2E14 - The Baby

Blake pretends he's still blind. Everything about Nick and Krystle i..

S2E13 - The Lago Syndrome

Blake has been doing some research on Nick and finds out that Nick's..

S2E12 - The Hearing

Blake is frustrated because of the blindness. He's also sure that Bo..

S2E11 - The Car Explosion

Steven and Sammy Jo return to the mansion and tell everybody except ..

S2E10 - Sammy Jo and Stev..

Krystle almost sleeps with Nick, but stops the whole thing. Nick say..

S2E9 - The Psychiatrist

En route to Rome to meet Rashid Ahmed, Blake calls Krystle in yet an..

S2E8 - Mid-East Wedding

Blake and Jeff attempt to arrange a meeting with Rashid Ahmed to obt..

S2E7 - The Miscarriage

After losing her baby due to the fall from her horse, Krystle learns..

S2E6 - Viva Las Vegas

In order to save his football team and repay the $9 million to Cecil..

S2E5 - Reconciliation

After losing her baby due to the fall from her horse, Krystle learns..

S2E4 - Fallon's Father

In order to save his football team and
repay the $9 million t..

S2E3 - Alexis' Secret

Claudia is released from the hospital. When she comes home, she trie..

S2E2 - The Verdict

Blake is convicted to two years unconditional prison. Blake first wa..

S2E1 - Enter Alexis

Alexis testifies against Blake, and tells about an incident several ..

S1E15 - The Testimony

Blake's trial continues. Both Joseph, Claudia and Krystle have to te..

S1E14 - The Testimony

Blake is arrested for the murder of Ted, and a big trial comes up. T..

S1E13 - Blake Goes to Jail

The butler, Joseph Aynders, shows Krystle that he doesn't like her, ..

S1E12 - The Separation

Blake learns about Krystle's ""pawning"". He doesn't tell her, but h..

S1E11 - The Birthday Party

Jeff comes home after being in the Middle East, but he and Fallon ha..

S1E10 - The Beating

Blake apologizes to Krystle about his behavior, and she forgives him..

S1E9 - The Necklace

Matthew finds the guy who really sabotaged the rig. Steven is offere..

S1E8 - Krystle's Lie

Walter takes Steven to a bordello to try to ""straighten him out"". ..

S1E7 - The Bordello

Michael still tries to win back Fallon and tells Blake about Cecil a..

S1E6 - The Chauffeur Tell..

Cecil helps Blake with his money problems. Jeff and Fallon get marri..

S1E5 - Fallon's Wedding

Blake apologizes to Walter and Matthew about their fight at the wedd..

S1E4 - The Dinner Party

Blake and Krystle have to break off their honeymoon, because Blake's..

S1E3 - The Honeymoon

Blake and Krystle finally get married. Blake talks a bit with his so..

S1E2 - OilPart 3

Matthew gets a little visit from an old acquaintance, Walter Lankers..

S1E1 - OilPart 1 and 2

The big, wealthy oil tycoon Blake Carrington and his former secretar..