Happy Together


Claire and Jake are married and live a life full of routine, but when mega star Cooper shows up in front of their doorstep, they get dragged into his life of fame and all that comes with it.
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S1E7 -How Jake and Claire..

When Cooper asks Jake and Claire how they met, Jake keeps embellishi..

S1E6 - Bland Gestures

When Cooper turns to Jake and Claire for advice on a big romantic ge..

S1E5 - Like FatherLike Son

When Jake’s father, Mike, visits, they are excited to spend qualit..

S1E4 - About Your Parents

When Claire gets sick, Jake is determined to prove that he can take ..

S1E3 - Let’s Work It Out

When Cooper has to get in shape for an underwear ad, Jake and Claire..

S1E2 -Scrubbing

Jake and Claire attempt to follow Cooper’s minimalist lifestyle by..

S1E1 - Pilot

Jake, an accountant, and his dream wife, Claire, a restaurant and ba..