Last Man Standing


A married father of three tries to maintain his manliness in a world increasingly dominated by women.
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S7E6 -The Courtship of Va..

Vanessa's mother comes to visit and hits it off with Ed... a little ..

S7E5 - One Flew Into the ..

When Vanessa wants to board a foreign exchange student, Mike must wo..

S7E4 -Bride of Prankenstein

On Halloween night, Mike and Chuck work late to set up a security sy..

S7E3 - Giving Mike the Bu..

Under the threat of corporate takeover, Mike and Ed disagree on the ..

S7E2 -Man vs. Myth

Having avoided expressing any sort of emotion after his dad died, Mi..

S7E1 - Welcome Baxter

Mike and Vanessa eagerly await Eve's visit home from the Air Force A..

S6E22 - Shadowboxing

Mandy job shadows Mike and causes a dispute between Chuck and Joe, b..

S6E21 - Bad Heir Day

Mike and Vanessa think it's time for Mandy and Kyle to move out, but..

S6E20 - Heavy Meddle

When Eve's boyfriend, Rob, doesn't invite her to his parents' annive..

S6E19 - House of Tutor

After Mike encourages Vanessa to branch out her tutoring business, s..

S6E18 - Take Me to Church

Mike and Vanessa become increasingly worried their daughters don't a..

S6E17 - The Friending Lib..

A contest winner gets to appear with Mike on a vlog, which he thinks..

S6E16 - The Force

Mike and Vanessa pressure Eve to apply to college, and the school sh..

S6E15 - The Fixer

Mike creates a competition between his sons-in-law as he attempts to..

S6E14 - A House Divided

When Mike and Vanessa ask newlyweds Mandy and Kyle to tone down thei..

S6E13 - Explorers

A museum seeks an artifact donation from Mike, but Ed feels left out..

S6E12 - Three Sisters

Eve asks for money from her parents and they turn her down, but Kris..

S6E11 - My Name Is Rob

It's Christmas dinner at The Baxters, and the time has finally come ..

S6E10 - Help Wanted

Vanessa can't find a job, so she hovers over her family and tests th..

S6E9 - Precious Snowflakes

Mike gets to deliver a speech for a graduation ceremony at Mandy's b..

S6E8 - My Father the Car

Mike is determined to get Chuck to sell him a car recently left to h..

S6E7 - Bridezilla vs. the..

As the big day approaches, Mandy has turned into a full-blown bridez..

S6E6 - A New Place for On..

Mike attempts to teach Eve a hard lesson about life, but Eve's react..

S6E5 - Trick or Treat

Mike decides everyone in the family should dress up like each other ..

S6E4 - Boyd Will Be Boyd

Boyd is turning 10 years old, and sticking with the Baxter family tr..

S6E3 - Where There's Smok..

Mandy takes a new interest in vaping, and while disappointing to her..

S6E2 - Gameday Forecast: ..

A wedding shower is planned for Mandy and Kyle, but it falls on the ..

S6E1 - Papa Bear

A bear wanders into Outdoor Man after Kyle leaves a door open on the..

S5E22 - The Shortcut

In honor of Mike's 25 years at The Outdoor Man, Ed plans a surprise ..

S5E21 - The Marriage Doctor

When Mike finds out future son-in-law Kyle fears meeting with the ch..

S5E20 - Tattoo

Vanessa hopes getting a tattoo will change the current status she ha..

S5E19 - Outdoor Woman

Mike meets with famous rock climber, and former girlfriend, Billie C..

S5E18 - He Shed She Shed

Mike thinks Vanessa is using too much of his space at home to do her..

S5E17 - Tanks for the Mem..

Mike is anxious to buy the miniature tank collection once belonging ..

S5E16 - Eve's Band

When Eve and her friend Cammy form a new band, they sound so horribl..

S5E15 - Home Sweet Loan

Mike has convinced Kristin and Ryan to buy a home instead of renting..

S5E14 - The Ring

When Ed asks Kyle to secretly take an engagement ring to get fitted,..

S5E13 - Mike and the Mech..

To snap Eve out of her funk of not getting into West Point Academy, ..

S5E12 - Polar Run

When Mike and Vanessa need a sure winner on their annual college alu..

S5E11 - Gift of the Wise ..

When Mike realizes all the things a stressed-out Vanessa does to get..

S5E10 - The Puck Stops Here

When Boyd's hockey team needs a new coach, Mike surprises everyone w..

S5E9 - The Gratitude List

Although Vanessa is disappointed it will only be her, Mike and Eve a..

S5E8 - The Big Sleepover

When Eve tells the family her annoying best friend Cammy needs to mo..

S5E7 - The Dad Hat

Kristin is surprised that Mike is treating her more like a dad than ..

S5E6 - Halloween

On Halloween, Mike and Chuck decide to spend the evening watching fo..

S5E5 - The Road Less Driven

When Vanessa and the girls surprise Mike with a 1967 Impala for his ..

S5E4 - Educating Boyd

When Mike blames the public school system for suspending his grandso..

S5E3 - Ping-Pong

Vanessa tries to educate Eve on why she should be more on board with..

S5E2 - Free Range Parents

Amidst the mass chaos of picking up Ryan from school, Mike asks a re..

S5E1 - The Wolf Returns

Mike has returned from being on a fantastic two-month road trip trav..

S4E22 - Daddy Dearest

During a hunting trip, Ryan's father, Victor, reveals the true motiv..

S4E21 - Vanessa Fixes Up ..

Vanessa sets Eve up with a student -- not realizing that Eve may alr..

S4E20 - Restaurant Opening

At the grand opening of The Outdoor Man Grill, things get tense when..

S4E19 - Summer Internship

Mandy lands her dream internship with a top fashion designer in New ..

S4E18 - Mandy's Party

Mike and Vanessa come home early and learn that Mandy was planning a..

S4E17 - Kyle's Friend

Mike uses his vlog to track down a homeless man who has gone missing..

S4E16 - Three Sundays

Mike sees how important it is for Ryan and Kyle to have a father fig..

S4E15 - Big Brother

Mike feels like security cameras in the neighborhood are impacting h..

S4E14 - Eve's Breakup

Everyone has an opinion on how Eve should deal with her feeling afte..

S4E13 - Mike Hires Chuck

Mike and Vanessa disagree about hiring Chuck's company to protect th..

S4E12 - Helen Potts

Mike and Vanessa offer a generous Christmas gift to Kristin and Ryan..

S4E11 - Wedding Planning

Mike offers Kristin and Ryan a cash gift to put toward their wedding.

S4E10 - Outdoor Man Grill

Mike tries to fulfill a dream of opening a restaurant and Eve and Ma..

S4E9 - Outdoor Man Grill

Mike discovers Vanessa has given away the last of his incandescent l..

S4E8 - Wedding Planning

Mindy worries about Kyle's safety after he gets in an accident; Ed m..

S4E7 - Big Shots

Mike is caught in the middle when it's discovered that Boyd missed a..

S4E6 - Mike Advises Mandy

Mike gives Mandy business advice, but she decides to do things her o..

S4E5 - School Merger

Chuck and Mike debate the merits of an inner city school merging one..

S4E4 - Sinkhole

After having a close call with a sinkhole on the interstate, Boyd be..

S4E3 - Rediscover America

Ed's girlfriend impacts Mike and Ed's longtime friendship; Eve feels..

S4E2 - War Games

Boyd gets in trouble for starting a game of war at a birthday party.

S4E1 - Here's the Kicker

Vanessa is concerned for Eve's safety when she is asked to be the hi..

S3E22 - Mutton Busting

Eve's boyfriend tells her he doesn't want her wearing her JROTC unif..

S3E21 - AprilCome She Will

Vanessa's freeloading sister visits, and true to form, she's looking..

S3E20 - Parenting Bud

After Bud is attacked while unloading a truck at his recreational-ma..

S3E19 - Hard-Ass Teacher

Eve tries to avoid a class with a tough teacher so she can get strai..

S3E18 - Project Mandy

Mandy decides to quit college and start a career in fashion design, ..

S3E17 - Eve's Boyfriend

Eve gets a new beau and is reluctant to talk about him until Vanessa..

S3E16 - Stud Muffin

The Baxters' neighbor tells them that their dog impregnated his Germ..


Speculation begins when a bouquet of roses is delivered anonymously ..

S3E14 - Renaming Boyd's S..

Boyd's school considers a change after his research on its namesake ..

S3E13 - Breaking Boyd

Mike and Ryan vehemently disagree when a school counselor suggests t..

S3E12 - All About Eve

Vanessa worries Eve will become an outcast after she posts one of Mi..

S3E11 - Elfie

A Christmas surprise awaits the family's housekeeper, and Mandy's th..

S3E10 - Spanking

Bud's harsh method of disciplining Boyd doesn't sit well with Kristi..

S3E9 - Thanksgiving

On , Mike's dad (Robert Forster) announces plans to open a recreatio..

S3E8 - Vanessa Fixes Kyle

Vanessa feel guilty after encouraging Mandy to end things with Kyle ..

S3E7 - Shoveling Snow

Eve is eager to resume her snow-shoveling business when a snowstorm ..

S3E6 - Larabee for School..

When Mike is reluctant to support a neighbor in her bid for the scho..

S3E5 - Haunted House

Boyd finds Vanessa's ideas for the Halloween haunted house too scary.

S3E4 - Ryan v. John Baker

Kristin compares laid-back Ryan to her industrious boss, and Ryan co..


No description

S3E2 - Driving Lessons

Despite having a good time teaching Eve how to drive, Mike thinks Va..

S3E1 - Back to School

Mike learns that Kyle's new-found interest in philosophy is distract..

S2E18 - College Girl

After Mandy is accepted into two colleges, Kristin decides to reeval..

S2E17 - The Fight

Ryan winds up impressing Mike; after Mandy fails history and her lap..

S2E16 - Private Coach

Mike gets Eve a private soccer coach, whom all the Baxter women find..

S2E15 - Breaking Curfew

Mike wages psychological warfare after he catches Mandy sneaking int..

S2E14 - Buffalo Bill Day

The Outdoor Man puts on a skit based on a Wild West Show starring Ed..

S2E13 - What's in a Name?

Mike discovers that Boyd is no longer using the Baxter name; Kristin..

S2E12 - Quarterback Boyfr..

Mike is so impressed with Mandy's new boyfriend that he offers him a..

S2E11 - Mike's Pole

Patriotic Mike hangs his prize U.S. flag in the yard, inspiring 14-y..

S2E10 - The Help

The Baxters' hiring of a new housekeeper brings with it questions of..

S2E9 - Attractive Architect

Tim Allen reunites with Richard Karn, his former sidekick from "Home..

S2E8 - Bullying

When Eve is suspended from school for calling a boy a bad name, Mike..

S2E7 - Putting a Hit on C..

Vanessa, worn out from the recent Thanksgiving holiday, longs for th..

S2E6 - Circle of Life

When Mike brings home a dead duck he shot for dinner, Kristin is hor..

S2E5 - Mother Fracker

After Vanessa's complex presentation to Eve's class on career day ab..

S2E4 - Ed's Twice Ex-Wife

Mike is shocked when he finds out Vanessa sided with Ed's ex-wife, W..

S2E3 - High Expectations

Mike and Vanessa clash over what to tell their neighbors regarding a..

S2E2 - Dodgeball Club

Boyd is reprimanded at school for playing dodgeball, so Mike starts ..

S2E1 - Voting

Mike does all he can to persuade first-time voter Mandy to vote for ..

S1E24 - Found Money

When Vanessa's sweet but flighty sister, April (Christina Moore), co..

S1E23 - The Spotlight

When Mike realizes he unintentionally upstaged Vanessa's announcemen..

S1E22 - This Bud's for You

Mike's dad moves to town to begin building the new store, and Vaness..

S1E21 - Wherefore Art Tho..

After Mike and Ed invite Kyle to join the team for The Outdoor Man's..

S1E20 - Animal Wrongs

Mandy dates an animal-rights supporter, who doesn't see eye to eye w..

S1E19 - Ding Dong Ditch

A teenage prankster gets hurt on the Baxter's property, and the Baxt..

S1E18 - Baxter & Sons

When Mike finds out that his younger brother, Jimmy, and their fathe..

S1E17 - Adrenaline

When Mike gets 2011 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion Tony Stewart and his race car to jazz up the Outdoor Man retail space, Mike realizes more than ever how much he misses the adrenaline rush he used to get from his adventures on the road. Right before Tony shows up for the opening, Kyle finds a way to give Mike a taste of that excitement once again. Also, Kristin's desire to go skydiving gets Vanessa thinking how she used to take more chances before becoming a Mom. ">

S1E16 - Tree of Strife

Mandy is thrilled by the opportunity to meet Kim Kardashian. Meanwhi..

S1E15 - House of Spirits

Vanessa thinks her house is being haunted by a former occupant who p..

S1E14 - Odd Couple Out

Vanessa blames Mike for their lack of party invitations, so he attem..

S1E13 - Take Your Daughte..

Ed hires his daughter to replace Mike as Outdoor Man's new marketing..

S1E12 - Moon Over Kenya

When a rising young star on the pro fishing circuit has dinner at th..

S1E11 - The Passion of th..

Mike brings Mandy to work with him when she tries to save Ed's favor..

S1E10 - Last Christmas St..

When Mike's grandson's deadbeat dad suddenly reappears, Mike struggl..

S1E9 - Guess Who's Coming..

Mike meets his lesbian neighbors and learns he has a lot in common w..

S1E8 - The Passion of the..

Mike, amazed that Mandy might finally have found a passion for somet..

S1E7 - Home Security

When a neighbor's home gets broken into, Mike thinks his fists and a..

S1E6 - Good CopBad Cop

Vanessa asks Mike to be the one who says "no" to Mandy when she want..

S1E5 - Co-Ed Softball

Mike's softball team must decide whether to allow women to play; and..

S1E4 - Last Halloween Sta..

Season 1, Episode 4 - Last Halloween Standing

S1E3 - Grandparents Day

Season 1, Episode 3 - Grandparents Day

S1E2 - Last Baby Proofing..

Mike gets Boyd expelled from day care when he insults the teacher on..

S1E1 - Pilot

Manly man Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) decides to spend more time at home..