Greg Davies and his assistant Alex Horne challenge five comedians to compete in a series of wacky and funny challenges, to win back their own possessions that they have forfeited. From making a music video for a nursery rhyme to obtaining information from a Swedish man, Taskmaster is a face-paced and hilarious show.
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S7E10 - I Can Hear It Goo..

The series reaches its majestic climax. Who will win Greg Davies's c..

S7E9 -The Pendulum Draws ..

Two episodes remain in the series and with Greg Davies's shiny head ..

S7E8 - Mother Honks Her H..

Phil Wang makes sure his outstanding outfit leaves even less to the ..

S7E7 - The Perfect Stuff

Greg Davies challenges his five fearful funny people to entertain hi..

S7E6 -A Coquettish Fascin..

At the halfway stage, all contestants, with the possible exception o..

S7E5 - Lotta Soup

Rhod Gilbert endangers Alex's life (again), Jessica Knappett's sunny..


Jessica Knappett piles shoes on a butcher's scales, James Acaster tr..

S7E3 - Twelve Blush Majes..

Rhod Gilbert force-feeds mocha to Taskmaster Greg Davies' loyal assi..

S7E2 - My Eyes Are Circles

Phil Wang makes ogres poignant, Jessica Knappett mimics a funny nois..

S7E1 - The Mean Bean

The Taskmaster Greg Davies returns, sending fear coursing through th..

S6E10 - He Was a Differen..

Tim Vine attempts a risky impersonation and Alex Horne receives a gi..

S6E9 - The Bubble Brothers

Russell Howard wraps a tie round his head and Tim Vine is left beref..

S6E8 - What Kind of Pictu..

Russell Howard charms a nice lady called Carol and Liza Tarbuck make..

S6E7 - Roadkill Doused in..

Tim Vine encounters a wet bra, Alice Levine barely attempts cricket ..

S6E6 -We met at mealtimes

It is snowy globes, rubbery ducks and wooden-y spoons, as the compet..

S6E5 - H.

Asim Chaudhry has fun with drain pipes, Tim Vine gets stuck in a tun..

S6E4 - BMXing!

Tim Vine strips to his waist, Russell Howard gets tattooed, while Al..

S6E3 - One Warm Prawn.

Greg Davies dishes out baffling tasks to five comics, who this time ..

S6E2 - Tarpeters.

Greg Davies metes out madcap misery. Liza Tarbuck shows her hatred o..

S6E1 - The Old SoftCurved..

Five celebs - including Russell Howard and Tim Vine - tackle wheelba..

S5E8 - Their Water's So D..

The celebrity torture is almost over as the series climaxes. Aisling..

S5E7 - Boing boing

Evil Greg Davies sets comedians cruel conundrums. Nish Kumar is pres..

S5E6 - Spoony Neeson

The consensual celebrity humiliation continues at the hands of wicke..

S5E5 - A Wind-Dried Puffin

Greg Davies sets tasks that are bizarre, cruel - and very funny. Sal..

S5E4 - Residue round the ..

Mark Watson and Nish Kumar pop toast together and Sally Phillips spr..

S5E3 - Phoenix

Proving he's as diabolical in real life as he is in the Inbetweeners..

S5E2 - The Leprechaun or ..

Greg Davies takes great pleasure in celebrity humiliation. Nish Kuma..

S5E1 - Dignity Intact.

Greg Davies sets Aisling Bea, Bob Mortimer, Mark Watson, Nish Kumar ..

S4E8 - Tony Three Pies

In the series finale, Noel Fielding finds an unlikely soul mate, Lol..

S4E7 - No Stars for Naugh..

Hugh Dennis wields a blade, while Mel Giedroyc destroys a mannequin.

S4E4 - Friendship is Truth

What will Mel Giedroyc do to a pommel horse? And why are Alex Horne ..

S4E3 - Hollowing Out a Ba..

Punishing celeb challenges. Devious Greg Davies tries to spot our fi..

S4E2 - Look at Me

Lolly Adefope tries long distance painting. Hugh Dennis is befuddled..

S4E1 - A Fat Bald White Man

Hugh Dennis, Joe Lycett, Lolly Adefope, Mel Giedroyc and Noel Fieldi..

S3E4 - A Very Nuanced Cha..

Greg Davies dishes out surreal tasks to celebs. The comics have to h..

S3E3 - Little Polythene G..

Sadistic Mr Gilbert in the Inbetweeners, Greg Davies takes just as m..

S3E2 - The Dog and the Gong

Greg Davies thinks outside the box - or inside a cement-filled shoeb..

S3E1 - Pea in a Haystack

Greg Davies and Alex Horne return with a new set of challenges, frus..

S2E5 - There’s Strength..

In the final episode Taskmaster Greg Davies finally gets to present ..

S2E4 - Welcome to Rico Face

In the penultimate episode, the five take on more tasks to win a com..

S2E3 - A Pistachio Éclair

In one of the most difficult challenges of the competition so far th..

S2E2 - Pork is a Sausage

Nursery rhyme music videos are the flavour of episode two and viewer..

S2E1 - Fear of Failure

Greg Davies returns as the Taskmaster as five new comedic competitor..

S1E6 - The Last Supper

In the last episode of the series, the five comics are not only play..

S1E5 - Little Denim Shorts

Greg Davies and Alex Horne host as Frank Skinner takes a boulder ont..

S1E4 - Down an Octave

This week, can Roisin Conaty, Tim Key, Romesh Ranganathan, Frank Ski..

S1E3 - The Poet and the Egg

The comedians build a tower for an egg and make a video ‘blooper..

S1E2 - The Pie Whisperer

Taskmaster Greg Davies commands his captive band of comedians to ide..

S1E1 - Melon Buffet

Roisin Conaty, Tim Key, Romesh Ranganathan, Frank Skinner and Josh W..