The Good Place


The Good Place is a town where those who have been good throughout their lives go once they have passed away. Michael (Danson) is the architect who oversees the town. Eleanor (Bell) arrives at the Good Place and realizes she doesn't deserve to be there. With the help of Chidi (Harper), Eleanor tries to right her wrongs seeking to finally earn her spot in the Good Place.
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S3E9 -Janet(s)

With Janet's help, Michael hatches a plan.

S3E8 -Don't Let The Good ..

Michael and Janet visit the person they believe to be the blueprint ..

S3E7 -The Worst Possible ..

Eleanor recalls some forgotten events from her past.

S3E6 - A Fractured Inheri..

Eleanor makes a startling discovery that tests her resolve, Tahani l..

S3E5 - The Ballad Of Donk..

Jason visits with some people from his past while Chidi gets help in..

S3E4 -Jeremy Bearimy

The group explores the three main branches of ethical thought.

S3E3 - The Snowplow

A surprising announcement from one of the humans threatens to dissol..

S3E2 -The Brainy Bunch

Michael's grand scheme hits an unexpected snag and forces him to tak..

S2E12 - The Burrito

Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason consider just how much they have (..

S2E11 -The Burrito

Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason consider just how much they have (..

S2E10 - Best Self

Michael finds himself in a bind. Eleanor sparks an idea that has Chi..

S2E9 - Leap to Faith

Michael receives a surprise visitor. Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jas..

S2E8 - Derek

Surprises are in store as Janet creates a big problem for Michael. M..

S2E7 - Janet and Michael

When the Neighborhood experiences a small glitch, Michael has to res..

S2E6 - The Trolley Problem

Chidi and Eleanor tackle a famous ethical dilemma, leading to a conf..

S2E5 - Existential Crisis

Tahani throws a dinner party to impress. Eleanor and Jason both have..

S2E4 - Team Cockroach

Michael approaches things from a new angle. Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani a..

S2E3 - Dance Dance Resolu..

Michael continues to work out the kinks in his grand plan. Meanwhile..

S2E2 -Dance Dance Resolut..

Michael continues to work out the kinks in his grand plan. Meanwhile..

S2E1 - Everything is Grea..

Having had their memories erased by ambitious master architect Micha..

S1E13 -Michael's Gambit

Eleanor and her friends contemplate their fates and destiny in the G..

S1E12 - Mindy St. Claire


S1E11 - What's My Motivat..

Eleanor and Tahani hatch a plan while Michael makes a startling disc..

S1E10 - Chidi's Place

Eleanor makes a surprising personal discovery. Meanwhile, Michael ta..


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S1E8 - Most Improved Player

Michael has a private meeting with Eleanor, who is put to the test. ..

S1E7 - The Eternal Week

Eleanor puts Janet in her crosshairs to save Michael from eternal su..

S1E5 - Category 55 Emerge..

Eleanor's eagerness to learn ethics from Chidi becomes the full-time..

S1E4 - Jason Mendoza

Eleanor has a hard time remaining hidden. Michael asks Tahani to ass..

S1E3 - Tahani Al-Jamil

Chidi begins formally teaching Eleanor about ethics, and lesson No. ..

S1E2 -Flying

Eleanor tries to prove to Chidi that she is worthy of his help. Mean..

S1E1 & 2 - Pilot

After she is struck and killed by a tractor-trailer carrying erectil..