Avengers Assemble


Iron Man joins Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Falcon as they assemble to fight the foes no single Super Hero could withstand! Now, they must battle a team comprised of the planet's most dangerous villains, The Cabal, a group joined together under the leadership of The Red Skull!
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S5E10 - The Good Son

The key to Black Panther's quest has been stolen, and Panther must r..

S5E9 -Mask of the Panther

Black Panther discovers a relic of ancient Wakanda that helps him co..

S5E8 - The Night Has Wings

Black Panther travels to a rural village of Wakanda to investigate a..

S5E6 -Mists of Attilan

Black Panther and Ms. Marvel head to the inhuman city of Attilan on ..

S5E5 -The Zemo Sanction

Black Panther discovers and unexpected revelation when he meets Baro..

S5E3 -Into the Deep

Black Panther and his sister Shuri undertake a dangerous mission to ..

S5E2 - Shadow of Atlantis..

Black Panther and the Avengers battle to stop the invasion of New Yo..

S5E1 - Shadow of Atlantis..

Black Panther and the Avengers must defend New York City from an inv..

S4E22 -Westland

Hawkeye, Vision and Wasp head to the old West world of 1872 to find ..

S4E21 -Weirdworld

Black Widow and Captain Marvel must stop the now-separated Bruce Ban..

S4E20 -The Vibranium Coast

Ant-Man and Ms. Marvel must team up with the pirate Typhoid Mary to ..

S4E19 -The Immortal Weapon

While trying to retrieve Heimdall’s sword, Black Panther and Falco..

S4E18 -Underworld

As they search for the Bifrost and a way to undo Battleworld, the Av..

S4E17 -Beyond

After the Avengers are transported to a strange new world, Captain A..

S4E16 -The Eye of Agamott..

The vengeful Agamotto attacks the Avengers and attempts to take back..

S4E15 -The Eye of Agamott..

The vengeful Agamotto attacks the Avengers and attempts to take back..

S4E14 - New Year's Resolu..

Past and present collide as Howard Stark and Peggy Carter team up wi..

S4E13 - The Return

The Avengers discover Earth has been taken over by Loki.

S4E12 - Under the Spell o..

Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel travel to an icy asteroid to rescue Th..

S4E11 - The Most Dangerou..

In the Asgardian wilderness, Black Panther and Hulk find themselves ..

S4E8 - Why I Hate Halloween

The Avengers must protect a Hydra scientist from the vengeful forces..

S4E7 - Sneakers

Ant-Man and Black Panther must stop Baron Zemo from obtaining a myst..

S4E6 - Show Your Work

The Avengers form an unlikely team with the Taskmaster to stop Modok..

S4E5 - The Incredible Herc

The Avengers welcome Hercules to the team, but soon discover he hasn..

S4E4 - Prison Break

Captain Marvel and Wasp must stop Crimson Widow, Typhoid Mary and Za..

S4E3 - The Sleeper Awakens

When the Red Skull loses control of his doomsday Sleeper robots, the..

S4E2 - Avengers No More -..

When the Avengers trapped by the effects of the Static Expander made..

S4E1 - Avengers No More -..

As the Avengers find a way to return Iron Man to their reality with..

S3E22 - World War Hulk

The Avengers must stop an out-of-control Red Hulk as he threatens to..

S3E21 - Building the Perf..

Following Truman Marsh replacing Hulk with Red Hulk, the Avengers mu..

S3E20 - U-Foes

The President has signed the New Powers Act in response to the Terri..

S3E19 - The House of Zemo

Baron Zemo returns to target the Avengers alongside his father, whom..

S3E17 - Panther's Rage

Despite their differences, the Avengers team up with Black Panther i..

S3E16 - Captain Marvel

The Avengers join Captain Marvel in a fight to stop a powerful senti..

S3E14 - Seeing Double

Black Widow comes face-to-face with Yelena Belova, who in her determ..

S3E13 - Into The Future

With the exception of Thor, the Avengers become trapped in the 30th ..


No description

S3E11 - The Kids Are Alri..

Captain America and Iron Man join forces with Inferno and Ms. Marvel..

S3E10 - The Inhuman Condi..

The Avengers must team up with the Inhumans to stop their old foe, U..

S3E9 - Inhumans Among Us

When townspeople transform into primitive creatures, the Avengers at..

S3E8 - Dehulked

Hulk is drained of his gamma radiation ans is stuck as Bruce Banner.

S3E7 - Into the Dark Dime..

Dr. Strange needs the Avengers' help when Dormammu steals the Eye of..

S3E6 - Thunderbolts Revea..

When the Avengers discover that the Thunderbolts are actually the Ma..

S3E5 - The Thunderbolts

The Avengers fight to stop Justin Hammer's new weapons factories, bu..

S3E4 - Under Siege

Hawkeye must defend the Avengers Tower from Baron Zemo who has taken..

S3E3 - Saving Captain Rog..

Captain America battles to rescue Bucky who has been captured by Bar..

S3E2 - The Ultimates

Ultron is back and plans to replace humanity with robots known as Ul..

S3E1 - Adapting to Change

The Avengers learn what it's like to work as a team again as they ba..


No description

S2E25 - New Frontier

An alien race begs the Avengers to save them from mysterious invaders.

S2E23 - Avenger's Last St..

The Avengers are challenged by the incredibly powerful Squadron Supr..

S2E22 - Midgard Crisis

Thor is convinced that Zarda wants to defect from Squadron Supreme b..

S2E21 - Spectrums

New Avenger, Ant-Man, works to bring his former allies to justice; a..

S2E20 - Terminal Velocity

Speed Demon is on the loose and wreaking havoc throughout Avengers T..

S2E19 - The New Guy

Ant-Man joins the Avengers; Hawkeye resigns and trains his replaceme..

S2E18 - Secret Avengers

Captain America's team follows orders involving the Crimson Dynamo a..

S2E17 - The Ultron Outbreak

The Avengers reunite when Captain America and Iron Man learn to appr..

S2E16 - Small Time Heroes

The team is divided and the Avengers Tower is wiped out so Tony seek..

S2E15 - Avengers Disassem..

A powerful Ultron resurfaces and takes control of Avengers Tower and..

S2E14 - Crack in the System

Iron Man and Captain American try to rebuild their relationship; Iro..

S2E12 - Widow's Run

The Avengers must protect Widow and Thor as they carry out Widow's p..

S2E11 - Downgraded

Falcon must prove to himself and a skeptical Hawkeye that he's still..

S2E10 - Back to the Learn..

Thor is tricked into returning to Asgard, and tries to prevent Earth..

S2E9 - The Dark Avengers

The Avengers discover their world has been reshaped by the Reality S..

S2E8 - Head to Head

The team is put to the test as they are forced to swap minds.

S2E7 - The Age of Tony St..

The Time Stone becomes attached to Tony's arc reactor and it causes ..

S2E6 - Nighthawk

A mysterious new villain uses the individualized counter measures Fa..

S2E5 - Beneath the Surface

Hawkeye and Black Widow must work together to stop Attuma's battalio..

S2E4 - Ghosts of the Past

Red Skull has information that could help the Avengers save the worl..

S2E3 - Valhalla Can Wait

Hulk and Thor are tricked into a battle and transported to Valhalla.

S2E2 - Thanos Rising

The Avengers must stop Thanos from getting an energy source called t..

S2E1 - The Final Showdown

With the Tesseract now in the hands of the Cosmic Skull, the world i..

S1E26 - The Final Showdown

With the Tesseract now in the hands of the Cosmic Skull, the world i..

S1E25 - Exodus

Iron Man's confidence is shaken after he inadvertently puts Falcon i..

S1E24 - Crime and Circuses

When the Circus of Crime rolls in to town, Hawkeye's dark past begin..

S1E23 - One Little Thing

While Iron Man and Ant-Man are trying to stabilize Pym Particles tha..

S1E22 - Guardians and Spa..

When Galactus attacks Earth, Iron Man is able to lead him to another..

S1E21 - By the Numbers

The Avengers and the Cabal have a huge confrontation that leaves the..

S1E20 - All-Father's Day

Odin comes to Avengers Tower demanding that Thor ceases his "fun" on..

S1E19 - The Ambassador

The Avengers team puts their lives at risk to protect Doctor Doom (a..

S1E18 - Mojo World

Hulk and Hawkeye suddenly find themselves stuck in a death match at ..

S1E17 - Savages

When Iron Man becomes too reliant on his own tech, Captain America c..

S1E16 - Bring on the Bad ..

While meeting with Attuma, Dracula, MODOK and Red Skull decide that ..

S1E15 - Planet Doom

After a brief argument with his father Odin over his obsession of Mi..

S1E14 - Hulk's Day Out

When Hulk crash-lands on Earth with amnesia, Captain America, Hawkey..

S1E13 - In Deep

Iron Man and Captain America disguise themselves as Grim Reaper and ..

S1E12 - Avengers: Impossi..

The Avengers' world is turned upside down when the shaped-shifting m..

S1E11 - Hulked Out Heroes

The Avengers team learns what it's like to walk a mile in Hulk's sho..

S1E10 - The Doomstroyer

Doctor Doom takes command of the Destroyer armor. Thor has to convin..

S1E9 - Depth Charge

During a fight with a giant monster, Hulk discerns that something ha..

S1E8 - Molecule Kid

Hawkeye and Black Widow take on a covert S.H.I.E.L.D. mission to bri..

S1E7 - Hyperion

An all-powerful super-being named Hyperion arrives to save Earth. Bu..

S1E6 - Super-Adaptoid

The Avengers are out-gunned by the high-tech, power-mimicking Super-..

S1E5 - Blood Feud

The Avengers Team faces-off with Dracula and his vampire army after ..

S1E4 - The Serpent of Doom

Thor believes he must sacrifice himself to save the world from Docto..

S1E3 - Ghost of a Chance

After the Avengers fall victim to the body-swapping Space Phantoms, ..

S1E2 - The Avengers Proto..

The Avengers retreat back to Avengers Mansion to save Iron Man's lif..

S1E1 - The Avengers Proto..

After having been disbanded, the Avengers reunite when the Red Skull..