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Talk show in which Dr. Phil McGraw invites guests to confront their problems.
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S17E43 - My Husband Belie..

Jeff insists that his wife is a dangerous sex addict who has had aff..

S17E41 - LiesBetrayal and..

Kimberly says she had so choice but to obtain guardianship of her th..

S17E40 -Violent Love; A B..

Mindy says she is petrified that her daughter Jourdon's boyfriend, R..

S17E37 - A Biological Fat..

Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Sandy and Ava, who confront..

S17E35 -A Therapist Invol..

A marriage counselor may go to prison after falling for a catfish sc..

S17E34 - Exclusive: Hawai..

Alexandria and Anastasia Duval make headlines when, after a fight, t..

S17E33 - My African-Ameri..

Treasure, 16, is African-American, but aligns herself with European-..

S17E32 - My Mother Is Dat..

Alyssa, an 18-year-old college student, says she is horrified that h..

S17E14 - It’s My Husban..

Christa says she wrote into the show because she’s been in a divor..

S17E13 -A Daughter Confro..

In Part 2 of this mother-daughter showdown, Susan and Taylor get new..

S16E173 - My Husband Blam..

Bob says his wife has spent thousands of dollars a day on clothes, p..

S16E172 -My Fiance's 8-Ye..

Chrysta wants Dr. Phil to help her decide whether to marry her belov..

S16E157 - Wife of Man Who..

Forty-five-year-old Kevin Esterly made headlines when an AMBER Alert..

S16E151 -Millionaire’s ..

Young and beautiful Rebecca Zahau was found naked and hanging from t..

S16E150 -LoveHip HopAnd C..

Mercuree wrote to Dr. Phil asking for help because she claims she is..

S16E148 - I’ve Turned M..

Dr. Phil continues his conversation with sisters Tricia and Christy ..

S16E147 - I Was in Prison..

On March 5, 2014, Tricia was arrested for selling heroin to someone ..

S16E146 - My 15-Year-Old ..

Nina says even after she lowered her 15-year-old daughter, Nicolette..

S16E145 - Inside the Chur..

In 2013, Catherine Grove, a pretty, young nursing student with a bri..

S16E143 - I Shot My Lying..

Maryann shot the single, millionaire boyfriend she met online when s..

S16E142 - I Wish I Was Ne..

Jenny's teens say their mother rarely gets out of bed and is always ..

S16E141 - Down to 75 Poun..

Jordan, 23, says her eating disorder is her best friend; her parents..

S16E140 -Our Daughter Is ..

Jordan, 23, says she loves the attention she gets from her anorexia;..

S16E137 - My Boyfriend Ju..

After moving her family in with a man she met online, Lisa finds out..

S16E136 - My Daughter Aba..

Splendor and Jeremie fear that their adult daughter is being abused ..

S16E135 - She Stabbed and..

A 23-year-old woman named Emily Heistand, who was nearly kidnapped i..

S16E131 - My Son Blames H..

Eight years ago, AJ found his grandmother lying in a pool of blood a..

S16E130 -Cold Case I Didn..

A woman discusses the brutal murder of her 15-year-old sister, which..

S16E124 - My Wife Claims ..

Debbie says she is allergic to everything, and goes to extremes to a..

S16E122 - HelpDr. Phil! M..

Carl, still grieving the loss of his daughter, 20 years ago, tells p..

S16E120 - My 16-Year-Old ..

Alma wrote to the show begging for help because her 16-year-old is a..

S16E119 - Actor Terry Cre..

Actor Terry Crews (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) and wife, Rebecca; Nicole say..

S16E118 - We Want to Evic..

Jon Taffer (Bar Rescue) offers advice to Karen and Jim and their abu..

S16E117 - Our 31-Year-Old..

Dr. Phil speaks with parents who are desperate for their 31-year-old..

S16E116 - Our 31-Year-Old..

Dr. Phil speaks with parents who are desperate for their 31-year-old..

S16E115 - Anthony Scaramu..

Anthony The Mooch Scaramucci, briefly Donald Trump's White House com..

S16E114 - From Fearless S..

Sam, a former U.S. Secret Service Agent, says her husband is destroy..

S16E110 -Sexually Abused ..

Kim says her father sexually abused her from the ages of 7 to 14; he..

S16E109 -My Sister Is Fac..

Ryann claims that her sister, Stephanie, is unstable and that her de..

S16E108 -The Homeless Wom..

Assistant church pastors Jason and Brooke, who have adopted seven sp..

S16E106 -The Valentine's ..

Exclusive interviews with the friend who accused Marjory Stoneman Do..

S16E105 - I Want My Ex-Hu..

Lisa says her ex-husband has a history of abuse toward her and their..

S16E104 - My Husband Is a..

Whitney says she has uncovered her husband's double life of nasty li..

S16E103 - My Sister Drove..

Sheila says that before her boyfriend left, he programmed and bugged..

S16E102 - Our Daughter Is..

Erica's family worries that she lives happily homeless with her chil..

S16E95 - Shocking Accusat..

Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Crystal, who accuses her ex..

S16E59 -HelpDr. Phil! My ..

Teen troublemaker Sierra has run away from home on a spiritual journ..

S16E57 - Trapped in My Be..

A young woman says she hates her appearance so much that she rarely ..

S16E55 - My Nephew Is a L..

Tony thinks he is going to be a famous rapper, refuses to get a job,..

S16E54 - My Parents and S..

Sue and Mike say their son-in-law is a verbally abusive liar who is ..

S16E52 - Gypsy Rose: Fro..

A severe case of Munchausen syndrome by proxy leads to murder: Gypsy..

S16E51 - Mother Knows Bes..

Gypsy Rose Blanchard's mother forced her to pretend she was sick, ma..

S16E50 - My 12-Year-Old S..

John claims that his 12-year-old son, Jack, is possessed by evil for..

S16E49 -Ex-WifeNew Wife a..

Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Christina, who left her fam..

S16E48 - My Narcissistic ..

Christina, who walked away from her family when her daughter was 13,..

S16E47 - My Wife of 18 Ye..

Sarah says she is madly in love with a man she has never met, and sh..

S16E46 - RagingDrunk and ..

Dr. Phil continues his conversation with Brandi and Victor regarding..

S16E45 - My Ex-Husband I..

Brandi has not seen her ex-husband or her 11-year-old son since she ..

S16E44 - Explosive 14-Yea..

Young teen Michelle's father and boyfriend discuss an altercation th..

S16E43 - Our 14-Year-Old ..

Michelle, 14, has run away from home numerous times because her pare..

S16E42 - My Son Thinks He..

Twenty-eight-year-old DJ's parents and sister Moniece (``Love & Hip ..

S16E41 - Accused of Faki..

Courtney and Amie come face to face for the first time in two years,..

S16E40 - Accused of Fakin..

Courtney says former friend Amie has lied about being pregnant three..

S16E39 - Mother-in-Law & ..

Teen Gabrielle's grandmother says she has spiraled out of control du..

S16E38 - Help! My 14-Year..

A dominatrix allows her 14-year-old daughter to skip school, smoke m..

SE - Three Sisters Confro..

Steve denies molesting his three stepdaughters and agrees to take a ..

SE - Three Sisters Final..

Jessica and Amber say their ex-stepfather sexually abused them when ..

S16E35 - YouTube-Obsessed..

Wife and mother Trisha live-streams her entire life; detractors say ..

S16E34 - My YouTube Addi..

YouTube star Trisha deals with her family's disapproval and her ``ha..

S16E33 - I Need to Help ..

Dennis says a woman he met on a dating website told him a tale of wo..

S16E32 - Life Inside the ..

Author Dianne Lake tells of joining the Manson Family at age 14, why..

S16E31 - My Dad's Fiancé..

Bree says her father is being manipulated by a young mother who is s..

S16E30 - I Want My Contro..

Jessie says that her stepmother attacked her and her baby, and that ..

S16E29 - I Think My Husb..

Amber says her husband's sons' mother has Munchausen syndrome and Mu..

S16E28 - Our Runaway Teen..

When Malia was 15, she became involved with a 35-year-old man, who i..

S16E27 - My Meddling Mons..

Amanda says her ex-husband's mother is a vindictive, manipulative li..

S16E26 - DrinkingDrugsan..

A 21-year-old woman's family may be to blame for her violent, drunke..

S16E25 - Our 21-Year-Old ..

David says his young-adult daughter has violent rages, refuses to ta..

S16E24 - My Ex Blames Me ..

Sherry claims she is absolutely terrified of her 8-year-old son and ..

S16E23 - My Sister and B..

Angie and Hunter say they have given up on forcing their son, Rivers..

S16E22 - Our PregnantRage..

Stacey and Dan claim their 18-year-old daughter, Tylor, verbally, me..

S16E21 - Foster Carean An..

Dakota claims to be a rebel who has no respect for authority; her mo..

S16E20 - My Wife Enables ..

Susan claims her son is a lazy, stealing, unemployed, violent mooche..

S16E19 - Aftermath of an ..

Dr. Phil discusses the 2017 mass shooting in the city of Las Vegas, ..

S16E18 - Abducted TwiceBr..

Actress Jan Broberg claims she was abducted twice when she was 12 an..

S16E16 - A 5-year-old Fou..

Ana Estevez talks about the death of her son, Piqui, and shares her ..

S16E15 - My Brother Chang..

Susan says her son has been arrested 15 times and that she has spent..

S16E14 - Our Soccer Mom H..

Three brothers say their mother abandoned them as children, leaving ..

S16E13 - How Did My Daug..

Shaela's parents say she has exhibited some very strange behaviors a..

S16E12 - My Daughter and..

Bekah says she removed her mother from her children's lives because ..

S16E11 - Partners in Crim..

Emotions and tempers run high as Bill and Jen have to make a difficu..

S16E10 - We Are Being Ter..

Bill and Jen say their 16- and 18-year-old daughters make their live..

S16E9 - From PTA Mom to A..

Drug-addicted mom Carrie admits that she drives her daughter while u..

S16E8 - I Lost 300 Pounds..

Debbie, who lost 300 pounds in two years, has low self-esteem and a ..

S16E7 - StalkingHiding in..

Teen Corryn has become so obsessed with her on-again, off-again boyf..

S16E6 - My Sister Is Over..

Linda believes that her sister, a retiree, is being catfished by a g..

S16E5 - I've Given My Dr..

Jerry says he has spent more than $3,000,000 to save his son's life ..

S16E4 - Three DUIs & Mult..

Family members say ``raging alcoholic'' Lisa has stolen her 90-year-..

S16E3 - Our Know-It-All ..

Sixteen-year-old dropout Brittney spends her days hanging out, drink..

S16E2 - A Daughter's Suic..

A college student's father and stepmother accuse her boyfriend of em..

S16E1 - Singer Sinéad O'..

Irish songstress Sinéad O'Connor asks Dr. Phil for help placing her..

S15E173 - My Beautiful D..

Steve says his daughters, ages 20 and 25, make self-destructive deci..

S15E172 - A Mother Relaps..

Morgan and Ashley say that their mother, former guest Treva, has bee..

S15E171 - Dr. PhilHelp! M..

Taylor says her mother is a narcissist and a recovering alcoholic wh..

S15E170 - My Mom Is the W..

Elora says that when she was going through difficult teen years, her..

S15E169 - A Husband Accus..

Sky claims her husband, Josh, physically abused her and stole her id..

S15E168 - Wives Fed Up Wi..

Teri says her husband's panic attacks are tearing their family apart..

S15E167 - Parenting While..

Dr. Phil visits with some of his most popular previous guests, inclu..

S15E164 - I'm Afraid My O..

A man claims he's being stalked and harassed online by a man he's ne..

S15E158 - Is Jerry Being ..

Dr. Phil continues his discussion with Kristine who claims her estra..

S15E157 - I Believe My Hu..

Kristine says she wants her estranged husband Jerry to stop sending ..

S15E156 - My Daughter Is ..

Nineteen-year-old Cherylyn says she loves living the high life and a..

S15E155 - Aaron Hernandez..

2017 05 17
Dr. Phil’s exclusive interview continues with th..

S15E154 - Exclusive: Aaro..

Aaron Hernandez's fiancee, Shayanne Jenkins-Hernandez, speaks out fo..

S15E153 - Help! My Roomma..

Bethany was recently released from a hospital after two months due t..

S15E152 - A Husband Accus..

Crystal claims her roommate, Ronnie, has become obsessed with her.

S15E151 - Boyfriend Accus..

Julianne claims her daughter’s boyfriend, Leighton, has “lied hi..

S15E150 - My Father Brain..

Kelly says she was 11 years old when her father began grooming her t..

S15E149 - A Sick Online P..

It was a national news story that shocked and broke hearts across th..

S15E148 - From Preschool ..

Rachel says she hates her mother, Aundrea, who she insists is not on..

S15E146 - SexDrugs and a ..

When Camille wrote to Dr. Phil, her niece, Darbi, had been missing f..

S15E145 - My Son Claims H..

Seventeen-year-old Addison claims her 18-year old brother, Colin, ha..

S15E144 - Caught on Tape:..

It is every mother’s worst nightmare. Single mother Roxanne says s..

S15E143 - My Husband Fath..

Cherie says she feels betrayed by her husband, Terry, who she recent..

S15E142 - We Believe Our ..

After the courts found Sarah failing to protect her 2-year-old daugh..

S15E141 - Sleeping in a C..

Michael and Sharen Gravelle were convicted of child endangerment and..

S15E140 - A Mother Charge..

Jennifer, a mother of six, is being charged with first-degree crimin..

S15E139 - A Dark Family S..

After watching a recent episode of Dr. Phil about rape, Cindi says s..

S15E138 - I Want My 15-Ye..

Sandi says she feels like she has to choose between her 15-year-old ..

S15E137 - My Ex Is Shakin..

Steve says his ex coached his 12-year-old daughter to falsely accuse..

S15E136 - Dr. PhilMy Mom ..

Stefanie, 26, says her divorced mother demands daily attention, has ..

S15E135 - I Fear My 19-Ye..

Krystina says her out-of-control teen daughter is pregnant by a 33-y..

S15E134 - Transracial in ..

Former NAACP chapter president Rachel Dolezal discusses being outed ..

S15E133 - A Business and ..

Shannon claims her husband, Alex, has become obsessed with his quest..

S15E132 - I Believe My Ex..

Camma and Brandon’s 10-year-old daughter claimed Camma’s fiancé..

S15E131 - I Am Convinced ..

Karla claims her husband Stephen has lied to and manipulated her thr..

S15E130 - I Shared My Dar..

Emily opens her life of self-harm to the world, becoming an Internet..

S15E129 - 16 and Removed ..

Young Morgan tells Dr. Phil she is desperate for help because her mo..

S15E128 - My Adoptive Son..

Amy claims she fell in love with her adoptive son Nick the moment sh..

S15E127 - My Mom Kicked O..

When Bill first appeared on Dr. Phil four years ago, he was on 12 di..

S15E126 - Pregnant at 16:..

Dorothy says she moved her sister, Denise, and niece, Tanyadawn, awa..

S15E125 - From Chance to ..

Janyce says she was shocked when she discovered that her son, Chance..

S15E124 - Mischa Barton: ..

The exclusive interview with Mischa Barton. The former The O.C. actr..

S15E123 - My Husband Admi..

Brandi's dreams of a perfect marriage are destroyed by revelations t..

S15E122 - My Wife's Belie..

Jack says his wife's extreme religious beliefs are causing problems ..

S15E108 - My EntitledLazy..

Parents say 35-year-old Brandon refuses to get a job, wears superher..

S15E99 - The Girl in the ..

Kala Brown, who made national headlines when she was discovered aliv..

S15E98 - DanielleKnown fo..

Following her heated appearance last year, 13-year-old Danielle unex..

S15E96 - A Questionable W..

Inconsistencies pile up in the saga of young Ryan, his girlfriend, S..

S15E95 - Am I in Love Wit..

Suzanne's manipulative, mooching young boyfriend was online friends ..

S15E94 - Haley's Backstag..

Haley, the teen who was convinced she was pregnant with baby Jesus, ..

S15E93 - Whatever Happene..

The teen who said she was pregnant with baby Jesus, swore Eminem was..

S15E92 - 15-Year-Old Runs..

Calah Waskow, 15, made national news when she was abducted by her fr..

S15E91 - I Hate My Pathol..

Marna, who admits she's a liar, reveals to Dr. Phil the outrageous f..

S15E90 - My Fiancee Needs..

Josh says he has very specific and high demands for his future wife,..

S15E89 - My Sister Went F..

Kalli, 19, dates older men for money and gifts, and her family fears..

S15E87 - The Girl in the ..

Blake tells of being the older sister of a child kept captive and ab..

S15E86 - The Girl in the ..

Lauren struggles to regain control of her life after being held capt..

S15E85 - A Housewife's Do..

Marcedes, a wife and a mother of two, recently revealed on social me..

S15E84 - My Husband Is At..

Tabitha says she has no problem with her husband Gary being a self-p..

S15E83 - My Ex-Husband an..

Eight-year-old Michael's stepmother says he is a troubled child with..

S15E81 - My Ex-Husband Th..

A former couple who married soon after their first date have young c..

S15E79 - Was Her Boyfrien..

A 2-year-old girl's young mother is dating a registered sex offender..

S15E78 - A Vindictive Ex-..

Crystal says her ex-husband is violent, hears voices and is so errat..

S15E77 - Our Toddler Gran..

A man admits he is struggling but refuses to give legal custody of h..

S15E76 - Discipline Dilem..

Parents want help for their teen daughter, who they say is prostitut..

S15E75 - I Am Convinced M..

Jeremy thinks his wife is cheating with multiple men and is trying t..

S15E73 - A Lawyer Convict..

Victims of an attorney convicted of charges related to hypnotizing a..

S15E72 - Weekly Ambulance..

Cathy's severe anxiety is causing problems with her daughter and sis..

S15E71 - My Handsome Real..

Jessica believes Jason, Tank D from ``Redneck Island,'' cheated on h..

S15E53 - Survivor Todd: O..

Todd Herzog, winner of ``Survivor: China,'' fights for his life.

S15E52 - The Doctor Who H..

Mark has sent hundreds of thousands of dollars overseas to help a wo..

S15E51 - My Doctor Has Se..

Mark says he sold property, took money from his business and stopped..

S15E49 - Confronting the ..

Amanda's father discusses sexually abusing her; she says her life sp..

S15E48 - Dr. PhilMy Paren..

Amanda says she was forced to have sex with both of her parents from..

S15E47 - Exclusive: Megyn..

Megyn Kelly (``The Kelly File,'' book ``Settle for More'') discusses..

S15E44 - BeautifulPrivile..

Niki goes from being a straight-A college student to living in a van..

S15E42 - Busting a Bad Mo..

Vicki accuses her daughter of abusing her granddaughter, causing bru..

S15E41 - The College Stud..

A young woman tells of being brutally raped, then tricked into sayin..

S15E40 - A Tragic Deatha ..

Alyssa's family say that since her husband's death she has spun out ..

S15E39 - My Daughter Beli..

Haley, who insists she is pregnant and about to give birth to Jesus,..

S15E38 - My Daughter Is D..

Kristi says her daughter is a compulsive liar who is currently telli..

S15E37 - We Are Convinced..

Irina, 78, says the man she met online and fell in love with is stra..

S15E36 - Former Priest Pe..

Pamela says her husband abandoned her and their two teen sons for a ..

S15E35 - My Former Priest..

Pamela's husband, who used to be a priest, left her and their two te..

S15E34 - Murder on Capito..

All charges have been dismissed against the man convicted of killing..

S15E33 - Our Mom Did Not ..

Three sisters want their mother to acknowledge that one of them was ..

S15E32 - My Fame-Obsessed..

Brandon and Danielle continue to trade accusations in their custody ..

S15E31 - All My Ex Cares ..

Brandon and Danielle trade accusations in an ongoing custody battle ..

S15E30 - Sleeping With th..

Eric and his wife downplay his anger management issues, even though ..

S15E29 - My Transgender S..

Sheila says that her 17-year-old is so focused on transitioning from..

S15E28 - Son-in-Law vs. M..

Danny says that if his wife does not put up some boundaries with her..

S15E27 - HelpDr. Phil! We..

Maddy, 18, is determined to fly to Argentina and start a new life wi..

S15E25 - My Sister Would ..

Katie's mother, sister and ex-husband say she exhibits erratic and u..

S15E24 - Inside the Mind ..

Dr. Phil interviews the man sentenced to 60 days in prison for stalk..

S15E23 - Identical Twins ..

Twin 16-year-old girls say they may have only a few months to live d..

S15E22 - A Father's Explo..

Robin and Daniel's daughters, ages 12 and 14, say they have been tor..

S15E21 - My Ex-Husband Ki..

Robin says her ex-husband kidnapped their two daughters and refuses ..

S15E20 - Missing at Sprin..

The family of a teen who went missing seven years ago while on sprin..

S15E19 - My Sweet Sister ..

Grace claims her sister Ashlan abandoned her 14-month-old son and he..

S15E18 - Help Me Get My 1..

Ted wants to get custody of his 14-year-old daughter from her grandm..

S15E17 - Love Behind Bars..

Dr. Phil speaks with ``Making a Murderer'' subject Steven Avery via ..

S15E16 - Love Behind Bars..

Dr. Phil speaks with Lynn Hartman, the fiancee of ``Making a Murdere..

S15E15 - A Father Accused..

Brittany and her mother confront her father, who she says sexually a..

S15E14 - From All-America..

A young man who hitchhiked to Los Angeles to pursue his call to grea..

S15E13 - BeatingsBruisesW..

Joselyn thinks that her mother's abuse contributed to her brother's ..

S15E12 - Dump My Son Now!..

Korin has lost custody of one of her children because of her boyfrie..

S15E11 - Our Son-In-Law's..

Parents of two young children have a marriage that is loud, violent ..

S15E10 - Help! My Beautif..

Marcia fears that her 19-year-old daughter is living in a motel with..

S15E9 - Where Is Kyron? S..

The parents of a little boy who vanished six years ago without a tra..

S15E8 - Where Is Missing ..

The parents of a little boy who vanished six years ago without a tra..

S15E7 - Workout Wars: Who..

Fitness diva Janet Jones says one of her former employees is out to ..

S15E6 - Who Killed Child ..

Part three of an interview with 29-year-old Burke Ramsey, brother of..

S15E2 - JonBenét Ramsey:..

Part two of a three-part interview with 29-year-old Burke Ramsey, br..

S15E1 - The JonBenét Ram..

Part one of a three-part interview with 29-year-old Burke Ramsey, br..

S14E157 - 2016 09 12

The JonBenét Ramsey Murder: Brother Burke Breaks His 20-Year Silence

S14E156 - Mommy Dearest o..

Mommy Dearest or Unfit Daughter? A Face Off That Has Been Years in t..

S14E155 - PrivilegedPrett..

Privileged, Pretty and Pregnant: Going Down the Wrong Path

S14E154 - Frat Boy Dubbed..

Frat Boy Dubbed the Cannibal Killer: His Father Speaks

S14E153 - My Daughter Sto..

My Daughter Stole My Credit Cards

S14E152 - I Sleep With a ..

Angie says her 19-year-old son was arrested for allegedly trying to ..

S14E151 - I Believe My Si..

I Believe My Sister’s False Accusations

S14E149 - Father vs. Son:..

Father vs. Son: Accusations of Conspiracy Theories and Paranoid Delu..

S14E148 - Scared of My Ow..

Scared of My Own Father … Scared of My Own Son

S14E146 -A Hidden Pregnan..

A Hidden Pregnancy and a Faked Abortion: Is There Hope for My Relati..

S14E145 - Exclusive: Accu..

Exclusive: Accused Freeway Sniper Speaks Out

S14E144 - Ex-Major Leagu..

Ex-Major League Baseball Player Now Facing Major Problems

S14E141 -Jayson’s Polyg..

Jayson’s Polygraph Results Revealed: Kristina’s Decision

S14E140 - A Mom’s Dilem..

A Mom’s Dilemma: Her Infant or the Love of Her Life?

S14E139 - Schoolyard Setu..

Schoolyard Setup Exclusive: Drugs Planted in a PTA Mom’s Car

S14E138 - An Engaged Cou..

An Engaged Couple Divided: Will Kyle & Jordan Call Off Their Wedding?

S14E137 - A Husband's Dec..

Stacey says she was living the perfect life as a mother of six child..

S14E134 - Hoarding Ultima..

Richard says Kelli’s hoarding problem is so bad that they can only get into one of their four bedrooms, and Kelli sleeps on one couch and their 14-year-old son sleeps on the other. Their son also says he’s been sleeping on the couch since he was 5 or 6 years old, that he can’t get into his bedroom and that he has never been able to have friends over. Kelli says she hasn't allowed anyone in her house in over 14 years — except the Dr. Phil show.

You won't believe what producers saw and what a professional found when the home was tested for possible mold. Can Dr. Phil help put this family back together again and help Kelli overcome her hoarding habits?">Richard says his six-year marriage to Kelli ended mainly due to Kell..

S14E133 - What Happened t..

After her 2-year-old was diagnosed with symptoms commonly associated..

S14E130 - My Mom Is a Pa..

My Mom Is a Party Girl Who Traded In Her Children for the Single Life

S14E129 - My Childless Si..

A custody battle between Jasen, his mother, Kim, and her sister, Gen..

S14E128 - The Investigati..

The Investigation of David Chris Jr. Continues: Is He Really a Catfi..

S14E127 - I Am Convinced..

I Am Convinced My Granny Is Being Catfished

S14E126 - Exclusive: Nick..

Exclusive: Nick Gordon on Bobbi Kristina’s Final Moments

S14E125 -Exclusive: Nick ..

Exclusive: Nick Gordon Finally Breaks His Silence

S14E124 - My Daughter Is..

My Daughter Is a Liar and Catfishing Boys Online

S14E123 - I Can't Pull My..

Preteen Aneska's parents say her rage and violence have them at thei..

S14E122 - We're Terrified..

Violent 12-year-old Aneska says there are times when she feels like ..

S14E121 - Our Mooching So..

Our Mooching Son Is Ruining Our Lives

S14E120 - Disowned by My..

Disowned by My Daughters After 35 Years of Drinking

S14E119 - Caught on Tape:..

Caught on Tape: Who’s to Blame for Preston’s Problems?

S14E118 - “A Husband’..

A Husband’s Decision: His Marriage or His Mistress

S14E117 - My Twins Are Co..

My Twins Are Complete Opposites

S14E116 - Please Help! My..

Please Help! My Hoarding Ex-Wife Is Holding Up Our Wedding

S14E115 -What Happened to..

What Happened to Baby Noah? An Accident or Abuse?

S14E114 - I Believe My Ex..

I Believe My Ex-Boyfriend Kidnapped Our Daughter and Kept Her for 5 ..

S14E106 - The PastorHis W..

Marissa says she urged her mother to file for divorce, but when Vicki backed out, Marissa cut off most communication with her mother. Robert, who was a pastor for 23 years, admits that he had a relationship with a woman he met on a “call girl” website – and even spent more than $70,000 on her -- but claims it was mostly over the phone and that they only went as far as kissing. He insists that he is a victim and that he has told his wife and daughter the full truth about his affair – but Marissa says she thinks there’s more to the story. Dr. Phil attempts to get to the truth.

Plus, hear from Sam, the bounty hunter looking for a woman with whom he says Robert was involved, and who claims Robert withheld information about her whereabouts. ">Marissa wrote to Dr. Phil begging for help with her mother, Vicki, w..

S14E104 - Help MeDr. Phil..

Pat believes that her husband has been poisoning her food and inject..

S14E103 - 2016.03.15

: I Killed Mom: A Daughter’s Confession and Shocking Picture She T..

S14E102 - 2016.03.14

My Ex Is a Terrible Parent and a Danger to Our Children

S14E100 - 2016.03.08

Our Handsome, Charismatic Son Is a Devil-Problem Child


A Bite Mark and Broken Ribs


Mom vs. Dad: Why Lynsey Storms Off


No description


My Brother Thinks I’m Crazy, but I Swear He’s the One Having Me ..


Teacher Guilty of Sleeping With Student Is Now Suing Him!


No description


Help Me, Dr. Phil


Young, Beautiful, Identical and Addicted

S14E88 - 2016.02.16

Amanda’s Secret: Forbidden Love


Jodi Arias Trial

S14E85 - Part 1

I Believe My Granddaughter Was Illegally Adopted. We Want Her Back!


Young, Beautiful, Identical and Addicted


2016 02 09
Neighbor Feud Erupts With Constant Calls to the P..


Wife Gets 25 Years for Pushing Husband Out of High Rise Window


Behind the Scenes of the O.J. Simpson Trial: What Really Happened?


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Sisters at War Over a Will: I Want Her Out of Our Deceased Mom’s H..


A Blended Family on the Brink


No description


My Daughter Bullies Me With Beatings and Threats to My Life!


My Future Mother-in-Law Is a Violent, Overbearing Bully!


I Am God’s Prophet and My Family Is Trying to Destroy Me


2016 01 18 Making A Murderer Part 2


A Mysterious Stabbing, Calls to Cops, a Beautiful Daughter’s Cry


Making a Murderer: Did They Get It Wrong?


My Kids Were Starved, Slapped and Locked In a Room: A One-Year Sente..


I Believe My Mooching Nephew and His Alleged Six Alter Egos Are Dup..


Protective Mom or Jilted Lover?


No description


We Believe Our Mother Blames Us for Our Sister’s Death!


No description

S14E59 - 2015 12 15

An In-Law Ultimatum


We Think Our Mom Is Cheating, Lying and Choosing Men Over Us!


I’m Terrified My Son Could Become a Mass Murderer


Animal Activist Under Attack


No description


Nicholas Brendon


No description


The Unbelievable Story of the Breast Pump Bandit


No description

S14E45 -

“I’m Afraid My Daughter Was Kidnapped by Her Survivalist Boyfrie..


No description


No description


No description


No description

S13E170 - 2015 10 30

The Jared Fogle Audio Tapes: His Plans to Target Children