How I Met Your Mother


Ted remembers his early years, when he was still single. He tells his children with nostalgia moments of aberrations, distractions and Troubles, his encounters and frantic search for the Great Love, and the antics of his gang of friends ...
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S9E24 - Last Forever (2)

Ted finally finishes telling his kids the story of how he met their ..

S9E23 - Last Forever

In the series finale, Ted tells his children the conclusion to the t..

S9E22 - The End of the Ai..

Half an hour before their nuptials, Barney and Robin both suffer pan..

S9E21 - Gary Blauman

The members of the gang try to remember an encounter with when he sh..

S9E20 - Daisy

Marshall recruits Ted and Barney to help him to get to the bottom of..

S9E19 - Vesuvius

Robin and Lily have a fight on the morning of the wedding; Barney ca..


On the day of his wedding, Barney is suffering from a horrific hango..


Robin and Ted reminisce about past relationships as they search for ..

S9E16 - How Your Mother M..

Recalling what has been going with Ted's future wife over the past e..

S9E15 - Unpause

After imbibing a bit too much, a woozy Barney spills some long-held ..

S9E14 - Slapsgiving 3: Sl..

Marshall tries to deliver a final, devastating slap to Barney.

S9E13 - Bass Player Wanted

A man at the wedding intentionally stirs up trouble; Marshall finall..

S9E12 - The Rehearsal Din..

Barney is shooting to have the rehearsal dinner at a laser-tag venue..

S9E11 - Bedtime Stories

To get his restless son to got to sleep, Marshall tells him three ta..

S9E10 - Mom and Dad

Robin is concerned about what's on Barney's mind after his father ar..

S9E9 - Platonish

In flashbacks, the gang contemplates the future of the love triangle..

S9E8 - The Lighthouse

Barney is caught in the middle of Robin and Loretta's conflict; Mars..

S9E7 - No Questions Asked

Marshall asks the gang to help remove an upsetting text message from..

S9E6 - Knight Vision

Ted finds himself with three different possibilities for his date fo..

S9E5 - The Poker Game

Barney receives family-relationship advice from Lily when Robin has ..

S9E4 - The Broken Code

After learning that Ted still has feelings for Robin, Barney tries t..

S9E3 - Last Time in New Y..

Lily finds a to-do list of things Ted hopes to accomplish before mov..

S9E2 - Coming Back

Robin is concerned about how Barney will take bad news about his bro..

S9E1 - The Locket

In the Season 9 premiere, it's Robin and Barney's wedding weekend on..

S8E24 - Something New

As the gang gets ready for Robin and Barney's wedding, Ted invites L..

S8E23 - Something Old

Robin desperately searches for something she once buried in Central ..

S8E22 - The Bro Mitzvah

The gang tries to plan a legendary bachelor party for Barney.

S8E21 - Romeward Bound

Lily worries Marshall will resent her if she accepts The Captain's o..

S8E20 - The Time Travelers

Future versions of Ted and Barney try to talk Ted into seeing Robots..

S8E19 - The Fortress

Robin would like Barney to sell his bachelor pad so they can get a p..

S8E18 - Weekend at Barney's

After Ted and Jeanette break up, Barney uses his infamous playbook t..

S8E17 - The Ashtray

When the Captain calls Ted unexpectedly, the gang remembers their la..

S8E16 - Bad Crazy

Ted is gun-shy about breaking up with his wacky new girlfriend. Mean..

S8E15 - P.S. I Love You

Barney discovers a lost episode of a behind-the-music show that feat..

S8E14 - Ring Up

Barney asks Ted to keep dating Carly (Ashley Benson), a much younger..

S8E13 - Band or DJ?

Despite having already popped the question, Robin insists that Barne..

S8E12 - The Final PagePar..

Conclusion. Christmas approaches and Ted wrestles with whether to te..

S8E11 & 12 - The Final Pa..

With Christmas fast approaching, Barney tells Ted that he plans on p..

S8E10 - The Over-Correction

Robin becomes increasingly suspicious of Barney’s relationship wit..

S8E9 - Lobster Crawl

A determined Robin contemplates one last fling with Barney and devis..

S8E8 - Twelve Horny Women

In the most important case of his career, Marshall is pitted against..

S8E7 - The Stamp Tramp

Marshall recommends an old law-school buddy for a position at the fi..

S8E6 - Splitsville

Robin has a problem pulling the trigger on breaking up with Nick, so..

S8E5 - The Autumn of Brea..

With a rash of relationships on rocky ground, Ted and Victoria find ..

S8E4 - Who Wants to Be a ..

Unable to decide which of their friends would make the best godparen..

S8E3 - Nannies

Lily and Marshall have trouble finding a nanny for Marvin and learn ..

S8E2 - The Pre-Nup

Barney's extensive and comprehensive prenup leads the guys to put fo..

S8E1 - Farhampton

The sitcom rings in Season 8 with wedding bells for the impending nu..

S7E24 - The Magician's C..

In the conclusion of the two-part Season 7 finale, a jump to ..

S7E23 & 24 - The Magician..

In Part 1 of the two-part Season 7 finale, Marshall is partying in A..

S7E22 - Good Crazy

Marshall freaks out when he realizes that fatherhood is staring him ..

S7E21 - Now We're Even

With Ted settled in a new apartment, Barney decides they should be b..

S7E20 - Trilogy Time

Speculations run wild as Ted, Barney and Marshall imagine what their..

S7E19 - The Broath

The gang try to break up Barney and Quinn after learning that the co..

S7E18 - Karma

Despite the bare facts being revealed about Quinn's exotic professio..

S7E17 - No Pressure

Ted rocks Robin with a personal declaration about how he feels about..

S7E16 - The Drunk Train

While joining Lily and Marshall on a Valentine's Day getaway to Verm..

S7E15 - The Burning Beeke..

Lily asks for her father's help when she and Marshall decide to thro..

S7E14 - 46 Minutes

Lily and Marshall's official move to the suburbs hits a snag when he..

S7E13 - Tailgate

Marshall visits his father's grave to carry on their tailgating trad..

S7E12 - Symphony of Illum..

Robin hears bad news, but hides it from everyone; and Marshall hangs..

S7E11 - The Rebound Girl

Ted and Barney make a life-altering decision; and Robin tries to tal..

S7E10 - TickTickTick

Robin and Barney keeps secrets from their respective significant oth..

S7E9 - Disaster Averted

The friends recall their memories of Hurricane Irene; and Barney tri..

S7E8 - The Slutty Pumpkin..

The Slutty Pumpkin, played by Katie Holmes, returns, after Ted has s..

S7E7 - Noretta

The gang discovers that their significant others remind them of thei..

S7E6 - Mystery Vs. History

Ted goes on a date without checking her out online first; and Lily a..

S7E5 - Field Trip

Ted takes his class out on a field trip, but it ends badly; and Mars..

S7E4 - The Stinson Missil..

Barney tries to woo Nora (Nazanin Boniadi) and prove he has real fee..

S7E3 - Ducky Tie

Ted meets an old girlfriend he had cheated on and tries to make up f..

S7E2 - The Naked Truth

When Marshall gets the job of his dreams, he worries that, once the ..

S7E1 - The Best Man

While Barney prepares for his wedding to a mystery bride, he and Ted..

S6E24 - Challenge Accepted

In the sixth-season finale, Ted is the best man at a wedding that ch..

S6E23 - Landmarks

Ted makes a tough decision that has a dramatic impact on his relatio..

S6E22 - The Perfect Cockt..

Ted plans a romantic weekend with Zoey, while Marshall and Barney bi..

S6E21 - Hopeless

Barney tries to make his life seem more exciting as he bonds with hi..

S6E20 - The Exploding Mea..

Marshall quits his job at Goliath National Bank to volunteer at an e..

S6E19 - Legendaddy

Barney finally meets his dad, Jerry (guest star John Lithgow)

S6E18 - A Change of Heart

Barney realizes he has heartfelt affection for Nora, and he thinks t..

S6E17 - Garbage Island

Marshall becomes obsessed with saving the environment after seeing a..

S6E16 - Desperation Day

Barney declares Feb. 13 a holiday for desperate women; Marshall rece..

S6E15 - Oh Honey

Zoey arranges a date for Ted with her cousin, played by Katy Perry; ..

S6E14 - Last Words

While on a trip to Minnesota, Ted and Barney try anything to make Ma..

S6E13 - Bad News

Afraid they will never get pregnant, Lily and Marshall decide to see..

S6E12 - False Positive

Lily and Marshall receive shocking news that has a profound impact o..

S6E11 - The Mermaid Theory

Ted asks Zoey's husband (Kyle MacLachlan) to hang out; Robin and Mar..

S6E10 - Blitzgiving

The gang, minus Ted, parties all night with The Blitz (Jorge Garcia)..

S6E9 - Glitter

When Barney finds a copy of the kids' show featuring Robin's alter e..

S6E8 - Natural History

The gang attends a black-tie fundraiser at the Museum; Ted meets Zo..

S6E7 - Canning Randy

Aired: November 1, 2010

When Zoey enrolls in Ted's class..

S6E6 - Baby Talk

Marshall and Lily try to figure out how to conceive a baby with the ..

S6E5 - Architect of Destr..

Ted becomes conflicted after meeting an attractive woman who is pass..

S6E4 - Subway Wars

When the gang teases Robin about not being a real New Yorker, she se..

S6E3 - Unfinished

Barney uses his best womanizing tactics to try to convince Ted to de..

S6E2 - Cleaning House

When the gang helps Barney's mother move, they learn that she has li..

S6E1 - Big Days

Ted runs into an ex-girlfriend (Rachel Bilson); Robin is upset over ..

S5E24 - Doppelgangers

Marshall and Lily make a secret pact to start trying to have a baby ..

S5E23 - The Wedding Bride

When Ted takes a date to see a new hit movie, "," he is shocked to l..

S5E22 - Robots Vs. Wrestl..

When Ted, Marshall, Lily and Barney crash a highfalutin party at a s..

S5E21 - Twin Beds

When Ted and Barney jeopardize Robin's new relationship by professin..

S5E20 - Home Wreckers

When Ted attends his mother's wedding, he is extremely disturbed by ..

S5E19 - Zoo or False

When Marshall gets mugged, Lily decides she wants to get a gun for p..

S5E18 - Say Cheese

When Ted ruins Lily's birthday dinner celebration by bringing a date..

S5E17 - Of Course

Barney is driven mad by a woman who seems to be following all the ru..

S5E16 - Hooked

When a beautiful young woman "hooks" Ted (keeping Ted in reserve as ..

S5E15 - Rabbit Or Duck

Marshall and Lily set up Ted with one of Barney's discards as a Vale..

S5E14 - The Perfect Week

When Barney is about to complete the perfect week - landing seven di..

S5E13 - Jenkins

When Marshall's co-worker kisses him, he can't get Lily to believe i..

S5E12 - Girls Vs. Suits

Barney chooses between wearing suits and sleeping with a sexy barten..

S5E11 - Last Cigarette Ever

When Marshall picks up smoking again, it prompts Lily, Ted and Barne..

S5E10 - The Window

When a perfect girl finally shows up, the gang tries everything to h..

S5E9 - Slapsgiving 2: Rev..

Barney's unhappy after a slap bet is bequeathed to Ted and Robin by ..

S5E8 - The Playbook

Barney dusts off his "playbook" to help him back into the dating sce..

S5E7 - The Rough Patch

After Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Robin hit a rough patch in th..

S5E6 - Bagpipes

Despite their best efforts to be the perfect couple, Barney's know-i..

S5E5 - Duel Citizenship

Barney wants Robin to become an American citizen; Lily joins Marshal..

S5E4 - The Sexless Innkee..

When Lily and Marshall realize that Robin and Barney are the perfect..

S5E3 - Robin 101

When Robin fears that Barney is cheating on her, she soon discovers ..

S5E2 - Double Date

Ted realizes his blind date is the same girl he had a blind date wit..

S5E1 - Definitions

When Marshall and the gang finds out that Barney and Robin are hesit..

S4E24 - The Leap

As his 31st birthday nears, an all-nighter to try to get business ha..

S4E23 - As Fast As She Can

Ted is trying to find a new job, and when an old acquaintance tries ..

S4E22 - Right Time Right ..

Ted explains to his future kids how a chance encounter with a former..

S4E21 - The Three Days Rule

When Ted violates the 'three days rule' by continually texting with ..

S4E20 - Mosbius Designs

Ted goes out on his own as an architect and hires an intern to help ..

S4E19 - Murtaugh

Barney attempts to complete in a single day all the tasks from a lis..

S4E18 - Old King Clancy

Marshall and Barney lie to keep Ted from finding out the headquarter..

S4E17 - The Front Porch

Ted is shocked to learn that Lily is responsible for many of his bre..

S4E16 - SorryBro

Ted's college girlfriend reenters his life and leaves Marshall and L..

S4E15 - The Stinsons

When the gang suspects that Barney has a girlfriend after he mysteri..

S4E14 - The Possimpible

Robin relies on a video résumé prepared by Barney to land a job be..

S4E13 - Three Days Of Snow

A blizzard hits New York City, threatenting a tradition of Marshall ..

S4E12 - Benefits

Robin and Ted explore "friends with benefits" while living together...

S4E11 - Little Minnesota

Marshall takes Robin to a bar with a Minnesota theme. Ted attempts t..

S4E10 - The Fight

Ted—to prove he's not a milquetoast—and Barney—to impress Robi..

S4E9 - The Naked Man

The gang learns a new way to get their dates to sleep with them afte..

S4E8 - Woooo!

Robin reconnects with a group of single partiers known as the "Woo G..

S4E7 - Not a Father's Day

Lily and Marshall are considering having a baby, but Lily wants advi..

S4E6 - Happily Ever After

The gang contemplate ways in which they'd handle an unwanted encount..

S4E5 - Shelter Island

Deciding to wed in three days, Ted and Stella suddenly see their pla..

S4E4 - Intervention

When Ted is packing his stuff for his move to New Jersey, he discove..

S4E3 - I Heart NJ

When Stella's babysitter cancels, a night out turns into the gang ha..

S4E2 - The Best Burger in..

Marshall claims that he had the best hamburger in the world during h..

S4E1 - Do I Know You?

Stella has to give Ted an answer. Barney wants to say something to R..

S3E20 - Miracles

Ted is in a car accident that prompts Marshall to talk about miracle..

S3E19 - Everything Must Go

As their expenses continue to mount, Marshall and Lily decide to sel..

S3E18 - Rebound Bro

Barney looks for a new bro after Ted leaves him. Ted and his girlfri..

S3E17 - The Goat

When a guilt-ridden Barney breaks the "Bro Code," he struggles with ..

S3E16 - Sandcastles in th..

Robin's musical past emerges again as the group learns of someone na..

S3E15 - The Chain of Scre..

Marshall gets fed up at his job and everyone tells him different way..

S3E14 - The Bracket (The ..

When Barney's love life is sabotaged by a mystery woman, he turns to..

S3E13 - Ten Sessions

Ted pursues a woman named Stella, but only gets attention from her r..

S3E12 - No Tomorrow

Its St. Patrick's Day and Ted and Barney go to a party. With a weird..

S3E11 - The Platinum Rule

Ted asks his doctor on a date and his friends try to discourage him ..

S3E10 - The Yips

After everyone joins a gym, Barney sees his "first" there and loses ..

S3E9 - Slapsgiving

As Lily and Marshall host their first Thanksgiving as a married coup..

S3E8 - Spoiler Alert

Ted finds what he thinks is the perfect woman, but his friends all f..

S3E7 - Dowisetrepla

When Lily and Marshall decide to buy an apartment, not only do they ..

S3E6 - I'm Not That Guy

When a corporate law firm courts Marshall, lawyer Jeff Coatsworth wi..

S3E5 - How I Met Everyone..

When Ted's new girl becomes jealous because the story of how he and ..

S3E4 - Little Boys

When "kid-unfriendly" Robin surprisingly forms a bond with the young..

S3E3 - Third Wheel

Ted bumps into Trudy (the girl who sneaked out Ted's bedroom window ..

S3E2 - We're Not From Here

After seeing girls get weak in the knees over Robin's boyfriend Gael..

S3E1 - Wait For It

When Robin shows up with a new boyfriend, Ted decides he is ready to..

S2E22 - Something Blue

It's still Marshall and Lily's big wedding day but now we're at the ..

S2E21 - Something Borrowed

With everything going wrong on Lily and Marshall's wedding day, to e..

S2E20 - Showdown

Thinking that Bob Barker may be his father, Barney is overjoyed to b..

S2E19 - Bachelor Party

Robin attends Lily's bridal shower and finds the gift that she broug..

S2E18 - Moving Day

Barney takes drastic measures to prevent Ted from moving into Robin'..

S2E17 - ArrivederciFiero

Marshall is all set to celebrate his beloved Fiero hitting the 200,0..

S2E16 - Stuff

Lily gets asked to play in an off-off-off-off-Broadway play, and the..

S2E15 - Lucky Penny

Ted can't seem to catch a flight to interview for his dream job and ..

S2E14 - Monday Night Foot..

When a funeral conflicts with the Super Bowl, the gang vows to avoid..

S2E13 - Columns

When Ted is constantly insulted by his former boss, who is now worki..

S2E12 - First Time In New..

Robin wants to tell Ted that she loves him, but she can't tell him. ..

S2E11 - How Lily Stole Ch..

Ted almost ruins Christmas for everyone when, still carrying around ..

S2E10 - Single Stamina

Barney's brother, James (Wayne Brady), visits and Robin, the only on..

S2E9 - Slap Bet

Ted and Barney discusses their viewpoints on knowing things about wo..

S2E8 - Atlantic City

Marshall and Lily drag the gang to to elope, and their quest to ove..

S2E7 - Swarley

Marshall goes on his first real date post-breakup with Lily. Not onl..

S2E6 - Aldrin Justice

Barney seduces Marshall's law professor in hopes of getting her to g..

S2E5 - World's Greatest C..

Marshall tries to get used to being single in a world that is very c..

S2E4 - Ted Mosby: Architect

After Ted and Robin's first big fight, Barney tries to convince Ted ..

S2E3 - Brunch

Ted's parents visit New York for their anniversary and he learns a f..

S2E2 - The Scorpion and t..

Barney works with Marshall on his bachelor skills, which include hit..

S2E1 - Where Were We?

The gang tries to help Marshall get over Lily, especially when he fi..

S1E22 - Come On

Ted tries to keep Robin from going on a camping trip so that she can..

S1E21 - Milk

When a matchmaking company calls Ted claiming they have found his so..

S1E20 - Best Prom Ever

Lily, Barney and Robin attend a high school prom to scout out a pote..

S1E19 - Mary the Paralegal

Robin is nominated to receive an award for a news report and everyon..

S1E18 - Nothing Good Happ..

Robin, who is very lonely, asks Ted to come over to her apartment af..

S1E17 - Life Among the Go..

Marshall interns at the corporation where Barney works and finds tha..

S1E16 - Cupcake

Things are going great with Ted and Victoria's relationship, but whe..

S1E15 - Game Night

A mysterious tape arrives for Barney from one of his numerous ex-gir..

S1E14 - ZipZipZip

After agreeing to take things slowly and not have sex for a month, T..

S1E13 - DrumrollPlease

Ted finds a new woman at the wedding. They want to remember the even..

S1E12 - The Wedding

Robin accepts Ted'Â?s invite to a friend'Â?s wedding, but thanks t..

S1E11 - The Limo

Ted rents a limo to take the gang out to sample five New Year's Eve ..

S1E10 - The Pineapple Inc..

After being forced into knocking back 5 shots, so he will stop think..

S1E9 - Belly Full of Turkey

Ted and Robin are surprised to run into Barney when they volunteer a..

S1E8 - The Duel

As Lily becomes more of a permanent fixture in the apartment, Ted fe..

S1E7 - Matchmaker

When a matchmaker with a 100% success rate turns Ted away because he..

S1E6 - Slutty Pumpkin

Ted makes his yearly pilgrimage to the rooftop Halloween party in se..

S1E5 - Okay Awesome

Ted and Barney start checking out the club scene with their friend R..

S1E4 - Return of the Shirt

Ted's outlook on his continuing search for love is altered when he r..

S1E3 - Sweet Taste of Lib..

Ted agrees to let Barney spice up his love life, and ends up on a cr..

S1E2 - Purple Giraffe

In a desperate attempt for a second date, Ted invites Robin to a par..

S1E1 - Pilot

When Ted's best friend Marshall proposes to his girlfriend, Lily, Te..