Pride and Prejudice (1995)


Jane Austen's classic novel about the prejudice that occurred between the 19th century classes and the pride which would keep lovers apart.
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S1E6 - Part Six

Lydia comes home in triumph with Wickham, who has married her. Lydia..

S1E5 - Part Five

Elizabeth meets Darcy's younger sister, Georgiana. Then news comes t..

S1E4 - Part Four

Darcy defends himself against Elizabeth's accusations, and later the..

S1E3 - Part Three

Bingley and his household return to London suddenly, leaving Jane to..

S1E2 - Part Two

A sycophantic clergyman named Mr. William Collins visits his cousins..

S1E1 - Part One

Mr. Charles Bingley, a rich man from the north of England, settles ..