Superstore - Season 2


A look at the lives of employees at a big box store.
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S2E21 - Tornado

In the Season 2 finale, Glenn tries to figure out which employees to..

S2E20 - Cheyenne's Wedding

Cheyenne and Bo's wedding arrives, but not all goes according to pla..

S2E19 - Spring Cleaning

A spring cleaning day is initiated by Glenn, and Amy and Garrett sno..

S2E18 - Glenn's Kids

Glenn invites all of his kids to the store, causing disaray among th..

S2E17 - Mateo's Last Day

Mateo's store transfer gets derailed when his undocumented status co..

S2E16 - Integrity Award

Jonah accompanies Amy on a trip to help her parents move out of her ..

S2E15 - Wellness Fair

When Amy sees Mateo out on a secret date with Jeff, she ignores Garr..

S2E14 - Super Hot Store

The storewide heater malfunction magnifies angry tensions between Am..

S2E12 - Ladies' Lunch

During the morning meeting, Glenn accidentally tells the employees t..

S2E11 - Rebranding

The store's brand changes, a development that brings a corpor..

S2E10 - Lost and Found

At the beginning of every year, Cloud 9 employees hold a lost and fo..

S2E9 - Black Friday

Cloud 9 braces for the biggest shopping day of the year when the emp..

Seasonal Help

Much to Amy's dismay, Glenn hires Amy's husband, Adam (guest star Ry..

S2E7 - Election

When corporate sends out a voting guide that only benefits the compa..

S2E5 - Dog Adoption Day

New parents Cheyenne and Bo fight, prompting Amy and Glenn to give t..

S2E4 - Spokesman Scandal

Glenn grows concerned that he doesn't know enough about his employee..

S2E3 - GunsPills and Birds

Jonah is assigned to the gun section of Cloud 9, and refuses to sell..

S2E2 - Back to Work

Jeff, the district manager from corporate, tells the Cloud 9 employe..

S2E1 - Strike

A full-fledged strike ensues when a group of Cloud 9 employees walk ..


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