Superstore - Season 3


A look at the lives of employees at a big box store.
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S3E22 - Town Hall

As the store prepares to host a company-wide Town Hall meeting, Amy ..

S3E21 - Aftermath

Amy and Jonah deal with the consequences of their recent interaction..

S3E20 - Gender Reveal

The store hosts a gender reveal party for Glenn and his wife. Dina i..

S3E19 - Lottery

As lottery mania sweeps the store, Dina encourages the employees to ..

S3E18 - Local Vendors Day

When local small businesses set up shop inside Cloud 9, Glenn tries ..

S3E16 -Target

When Jeff leaves Cloud 9 to work at Target, Garrett leads Glenn to b..

S3E15 -Amnesty

Glenn and Dina offer amnesty to the employees for any bad things the..

S3E14 - Safety Training

When Mateo gets injured, Jonah tries to help him keep his immigratio..

S3E13 - Video Game Release

When gamers invade Cloud 9 for the release of a hot new video game, ..

S3E12 - Groundhog Day

Still fresh from her divorce, Amy doesn't feel ready to start dating..

S3E11 - Angels and Mermaids

Amy finds herself caught in the middle of a conflict between Cheyenn..

S3E10 - HIgh Volume Store

Corporate announces that the store is getting an upgrade; Amy, Jonah..

S3E9 - Golden Globes Party

Amy throws a party to prove how great she's doing post-divorce; Dina..

S3E8 - Viral Video

After a Cloud 9 employee posts a controversial video online, Dina en..

S3E7 - Christmas Eve

Trying to prove how wild she can be, Amy turns a boring Christmas Ev..

S3E4 - Workplace Bullying

Tensions arise among the employees after an attempted robbery, pitti..

S3E3 - Part-Time Hires

When Amy's daughter gets a job at Cloud 9, Amy turns to Jonah for ad..

S3E2 - Brett is Dead

Amy worries that Dina may be struggling with anxiety while Jonah tri..

S3E1 - Grand Re-Opening

The Cloud 9 employees are rushing to finish re-building the store in..