The Making of the Mob: New York


Making of the Mob, is an eight-part docudrama that begins in 1905 and spans more than 50 years, tracing the original five families that led to the modern American Mafia, including the rise ...
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S1E8 - End Game

Vito Genovese and Carlo Gambino make their move; when Genovese becom..

S1E7 - New Frontiers

Luciano takes over Vito Genovese's heroin ring in Italy; Genovese an..

S1E6 - The Mob at War

As World War II begins, Charles ``Lucky'' Luciano is asked to aid th..

S1E5 - Exit Strategy

?"Lucky" Luciano is found guilty of running a prostitution ring, and..

S1E4 - A Rising Threat

'Lucky' Luciano makes the decision to go into the prostitution busin..

S1E3 - King of New York

"Lucky" Luciano takes over the New York mob, organizing the Five Fam..

E2 – “Equal Opportun..

"Lucky" Luciano gains power in the New York underworld during Prohib..

E1 - The Education of Luc..

Charles "Lucky" Luciano arrives in New York City, teaming with Meyer..