The Next Step


As the A-Troupe dancers prepare for the regional dance competition, relationships and loyalties are put to the test at the Next Step studio.
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S6E22 -His GirlSummer

A-Troupe scrambles to adjust to the loss of one of its dancers.

S6E21 - Dancing with the ..

A proposition from Lily compels Davis to make a decision that could ..

S6E19 - Pas De Don't

TNS and Acronation find themselves competing for rehearsal space wit..

S6E18 - Little Big Lies

After candidates for the alternate position are announced, Ozzy stru..

S6E17 - Contemporary Cont..

The dancers are split into pairs to determine the contemporary routi..

S6E16 -Less BeautyMore Be..

Less Beauty, More Beast. When two surprise judges visit, A-Troupe vi..

S6E15 -All the Marbles

When Noah's fate at The Next Step is put to a vote, arguments ensue ..

S6E14 -Ty'd to You

As Michelle and Emily deal with a troubling revelation about regiona..

S6E13 -Sweet and Salty

A five bonus point advantage for regionals hang in the air as Summer..

S6E12 -Convention Tension

Amy feels the pressure when she and AcroNation dances off against va..

S6E8 -Mash-Up Match-Up

Surprising new friendship dynamics arise as TNS gears up for the dan..

S4E36 - The Edge of Glory

The team prepares to leave for regionals. Cassie is made the alterna..

S4E35 - Taking Care of Bu..

Jiley is reunited! But the team has lost a member.

S4E34 - Bold As Love

Alfie asks Riley to go on a trip. She does, but not where he planned.

S4E33 - It Ain't Easy

Riley questions her relationship with Alfie.

S4E31 - Shake it Off

Riley makes a mistake with Alfie and tries to make it up to him.

S4E20 - Heat of the Moment

Auditions for the qualifier duet have added significance in the wake..

S4E19 - How Deep Is Your ..

Alfie considers Noah's health problems and surprises Riley with a pl..

S4E18 - Your Time Is Gonn..

The guys compete in a hip-hop event in London. Elsewhere, Riley and ..

S4E17 - Nobody's Fault Bu..

Riley considers removing the team from competition because of a chan..

S4E16 - Love Will Tear Us..

Michelle and Riley have a lunch date and take a walk down memory lan..

S4E15 - I Only Have Eyes ..

Amy makes LaTroy a proposition, but things get complicated when Sloa..

S4E14 - I Can't Go For That

Riley gets invited to an exclusive gala, and has to decide who to in..

S4E13 - The Game Belongs ..

Michelle's competitive side is on full display when she's pitted aga..

S4E12 - Knowing MeKnowing..

Noah reveals how he feels about Amanda. LaTroy and Sloane get into a..

S4E11 - On the Rocks

After the studio competes at the qualifier, Riley reconsiders her po..

S4E10 - Simple Twist of F..

As A-Troupe dances at the Qualifier, Amanda struggles to find the ri..

S4E8 - Runaway

Riley learns that Alfie is hiding a big secret, and his future at Th..

S4E7 - Walk This Way

James prepares to leave for London.

S4E6 - London Calling

West receives a mysterious package from London, England, which leads..

S4E5 - Square One

Riley assigns a trio competition to prepare for the first Regionals ..

S4E4 - Welcome To The Jun..

The new A-Troupe dancers are revealed, and Piper decides to form a c..

S4E3 - Heads Will Roll

Guest choreographer, Stephanie, challenges the dancers at the aftern..

S4E2 - Stir It Up

Auditions for A-Troupe get underway, and Amanda and Eldon make big d..

S4E1 - One More Time

Miss Kate and the Next Step dancers hold an Open House to welcome pr..

S3E30 - How It Ends

The dancers compete against a team from Sweden for the title of Inte..

S3E29 - She's Not You

The dancers compete against Ella's team in a 10-person routine in th..

S3E28 - TurnTurnTurn

Eldon attempts to complete a difficult task... with a very specific ..

S3E27 - Blind

The Next Step takes part in the small group round, but it turns out ..

S3E26 - We Are the World

With the small group round fast approaching, Michelle, Giselle, Rile..

S3E25 - When the War is O..

The Mister and Miss International Soloist Titles are competed for an..

S3E24 - Lost at Sea

Kate and Giselle arrive to register for internationals, but James is..

S3E23 - Welcome to Miami

A Troupe arrive in Miami for Internationals. Everyone is buzzing and..

S3E22 - It's My Party

Giselle and West help Eldon and Thalias relationship. A Troupe host ..

S3E21 - Today I'm Getting..

A-Troupe members team up with folks from B-Troupe for duets. Meanwhi..

S3E20 - Cry Me a River

Michelle gets emotional as changes mount in all areas of her life, s..


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S3E11 - Marry Me

James finally meets his aunt's fiance, and discovers he is his crazy..


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S3E5 - The Fallout

Some members of A-Troupe struggle to adjust to change. Meanwhile, a ..


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S1E30 - Winner Takes It All

The Next Step studio is up against Elite Studios as the final two gr..

S1E29 - This Is How We Do..

Reality-style drama following a group of dancers. The Next Step must..

S1E28 - I'm So Excited

Reality-style drama following a group of dancers. The dancers take t..

S1E27 - Fancy Footwork

Reality-style drama following a group of dancers. The A-Troupe final..

S1E26 - Can't Fight This ..

Reality-style drama following a group of dancers. The dancers are ex..

S1E25 - Bad Moon Rising

Kate and Chris hold a party at The Next Step Dance Studio for the te..

S1E24 - Price Tag

Chloe’s financial problems finally boil over and she is forced to ..

S1E23 - Dancing in the St..

When A-Troupe get themselves into a dance battle with the street cre..


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S1E14 - Sabotage

The battle for the top spot is on and Kate reveals Michelle's secret..


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S1E10 - Road to Joy

Kate tells Riley to go downtown and pick up the sample costumes for ..


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S1E7 - Love Story

Michelle is still at the Elite studio frightened to be in front of t..

S1E6 - Good Girls Go Bad

Emily decides that it is a good idea to spy on The A-Troupe's compet..

S1E5 - Steal My Sunshine

The girls go to the beach. Meanwhile, Emily and the E-Girls take lea..

S1E4 - Rock and a Hard Pl..

A dance competition is coming up this weekend so Kate and Chris thin..

S1E3 - DanceDance

The troupe is broken into two teams and the captains push their new ..

S1E2 - Everybody Dance Now

When a top dancer isn't chosen for the A-Troupe, Emily realizes that..

S1E1 - Get the Party Star..

In the series premiere episode, a new dancer comes into the studio t..